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The latest Cabinet of Indonesia - July 2001


 Megawati Soekarnoputri

 Vice President

 H. Hamzah Haz


 Political, Social and Security Affairs

 Susilo B Yudhoyono

 Economic Affairs

 Dorodjatun Kuntjoro-jakti

 People`s Welfares

 Yusuf Kalla


 Home Affairs

 Hari Sabarno

 Foreign Affairs

 Hasan Wirayudha


 H Matori Abdul Djalil


 Dr Boediono

 Religious Affairs

 Said Agil Munawar


 M Prakosa

 National Education

 Abdul Malik Fadjar

 Health and Social Welfare

 Ahmad Sujudi


 Agum Gumelar

 Manpower and Transmigration

 Jacob Nuwawea


 Bungaran Saragih

 Industry and Trade

 Rini MS Suwandi

 Energy and Mine Resources

 Purnomo Yusgiantoro

 Justice and Human Rights Affairs

 Yusril Ihza Mahendra

 Resettlement and Regional Infrastructure


 Culture and Tourism

 I Gde Ardhika

 Social Affairs

 Bachtiar Chamsjah

 Maritime and Fisheries

 Rochmin Dahuri


 Research and Technology

 M Hatta Rajasa

 Cooperatives and Small-Medium Enterprises

 H Alimarwan Hanan


 Nabiel Makarim

 Women`s Empowerment Affairs

 Hj Sri Redjeki Soemarjoto

 Administrative Reforms

 Faisal Tamin

 Acceleration of Development of Eastern Indonesia

 Manuel Kaisiepo

 Head of the National Development Planning Board

 Kwik Kian Gie

 Revenues and State Companies

 Laksamana Sukardi

 Communication and Information

 H Syamsul Muarif


 Attorney General


 Indonesia Military (TNI) Commander

 Widodo A.S.

 Chief of National Police (POLRI)

 S. Bimantoro

 State Secretary

 Bambang Kesowo

 Governor of Bank of Indonesia

 Syahril Sabirin

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