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Site Map - History

The National Flag & Anthem
History of Indonesia
An Time-Line
The 1945 Constitution
The Coat of Arms
The Battle of Surabaya
Memories of Majapahit
The East Indies 1941 - 1942
King Airlangga
Mpu Sindok
Names & Heroes
Forum - History
Site Map - History
Proklamasi: Sukarno at the microphone on August 17, 1945.
History of Indonesia
The Hindu Kingdoms
The Islamic Kingdoms
The Portuguese
The Dutch Colonialism
The British Rule
Return of Dutch Rule
National Movements
People's Council
The Japanese
Birth of the Republic
The Communist Coup
The New Order
East Timor Integration
Pancasila Democracy
Political Parties
The Reform Order
General Elections
An Time-Line of Indonesia
Beginnings to 1500
1500 to 1670
1670 to 1800
1800 to 1830
1830 to 1910
1910 to 1940
1940 to 1945
1945 to 1950
1950 to 1965
1966 to 1998
1998 to - Reformasi
2001 -
The Battle of Surabaya
The Heroes Column
The Underground Museum
Tourism on the City of Hero's
The Death of General Mallaby
Disarmament Incident
The Flag Ripping Incident
Gragadi Building
Town Hall
Gedung Balai Pemuda
Indonesian National Building
PTP XXII Building
Don Bosco Building
Pertamina Building
State Trade Bank & Siola
Saint Mary's & Darmo Hospital
Memories of Majapahit
The Origins of Rajasa Dynasty
Bhinneka Tunggal Ika
The Empire
The Rulers
Raden Wijaya
Mada Kari Pura
Shiwa Buddha
Gajah Mada
King Kertanagara
The Temple
Majapahit in Decline
Archeological Remains
The East Indies 1941 - 1942
The conquest of Java Island
The Lesser Sunda Islands
Invasion of Sumatra Island
The battle for Palembang
The capture of Riau
The conquer of Borneo
Invasion of British Borneo
The capture of Tarakan
The capture of Balikpapan
The capture of Makassar
The Fall of New Guinea
The Fall of Kendari
The Fall of Menado
Invasion of Ambon Island
Fortress in Merauke
Invasion of West Timor
Portuguese East Timor
Portugal in War
Japanese Landing Forces
Mystery of Christ. Island
Cocos Islands - World War II
Dutch Armoured Units
"Diggers" on East Timor!
The Banda Sea Operations
The Japanese paratroopers
The War - The Untold Stories
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