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Indonesian - English Dictionary

Indonesian word (Indonesian Root word) part of speech [Indonesian Definition (Indonesian example or explanation)] English word . English definition [English example or definition].



abu adj ash

acara n. agenda

acta n. document [legal e.g. birth certificate].

ada pron there [{used as the subject} (~ is a fly in my soup.)]. 2. v [(Langitnya biru.)] be [{showing a state; I am; you are; he is; she is; we are; you are; they are} (The sky is blue)]. 3. v is [to be]. 4. vi [(~ minuman yang dingin?)] available [(Do you have cold drinks ~?)].

adat n. tradition

adik n. youngster 2. pron sister [younger]. 3. pron brother [{younger}].

aduh int oh

Afrika n. Africa

agama n. religion

agung adj great [important (He was a ~ man.)].

Agustus n. August

air n. water [common liquid which makes rain, rivers, the sea, etc., and which you drink (Can I have a glass of ~, please.)].

air buah (air) n. juice

aja (saja) adj only [and no one/nothing else].

ajar n. education

akal n. mind [place where thoughts come from].

akan v will [{used to form the future} (I ~ call you again tomorrow.)].

akar n. root [part of a plant which grows underground (Trees have long ~s.)].

akhir n. end

aku pron I

alam n. nature [plants and animals].

alamat n. address [number of a house].

alat n. tool

alkohol n. alcohol

alun-alun (alun) n. town square

aman adj safe

Amerika adj [(Ini dolar ~.)] American [(These are ~ dollars.)]. 2. n. America

Amerika Serikat (Amerika) n. States [the United States].

amplop n. envelope

anak n. child

anak laki-laki (anak) n. boy

anak perempuan (anak) n. daughter 2. n. girl

anak sapi (sapi) sapi calf

Anda pron [(Saya suka rambut ~.)] your [belonging to you (I like ~ hair.)]. 2. pron [{not between family or close friends}] you [{referring to someone you are speaking to} (Would ~ like another cup of tea?)].

aneh adj strange [odd/not usual (That was a ~ old man.)].

anggur n. grape

angin n. wind

angka n. numeral

angkasa n. sky

angkat vt pick up

angkut vt take away

anjing n. dog

antar vt accompany

antara prep between

anting-anting (anting) n. earring

apa adj/pron [(~ ini?)] what [(~ is this?)].

apa kabar (kabar) int hello

apakah (apa) adj/pron [(~ ibu kota Kanada?)] what [(~ is the capital of Canada?)].

apartemen n. apartment

apel n. apple

api n. fire [something which is burning (Don't play with ~.)].

apitan n. clam

April n. April

Arab n. Arab

arah n. way [road/path which goes somewhere (What is the best ~ to Jakarta?)].

arti n. meaning

asam adj sour

asap n. smoke

Asia n. Asia

asin adj salty

asing adj foreign

asli adj authentic

atap n. roof

atas prep on 2. prep over [on/to the other side (The cat climbed ~ the bed.)].

atasan (atas) n. top [cover (Put the ~ on the jar)].

atau conj or 2. conj else [otherwise].

Australi n. Australia

awal n. [(dari ~ sampai akhir)] start [beginning (from ~ to finish.)].

awan n. cloud

awas int watch out [to be careful (~! There is a car coming.)].

ayah n. father

ayam n. chicken

ayo vi come on! [to hurry (~, the movie starts in 15 minutes.)].


babi n. pig

badak n. rhinoceros

badan n. body

bagaimana adv how [showing or asking the way something is done].

bagasi n. baggage 2. n. luggage

bagus adj nice

bahan berisi catatan untuk keperluan menkalankan komputer n. software [computer instructions].

bahasa Indonesia (bahasa) adj Indonesian [language].

baik adj good [not bad (That was a ~ meal.)]. 2. adj/adv. fine [well/good (How are you? ~ thank you.)].

baju n. blouse

bak cuci (bak) n. sink [wash basin].

bak mandi (mandi) n. bathtub

balai kota (balai) n. town hall

Bali n. Bali [Indonesian island].

bambu n. bamboo

ban n. tire

bangun adv/prep up [not in bed (Are you ~ yet?)]. 2. vi get up [to get out of bed (~, we have to go to work today.)]. 3. vi wake up [to stop sleeping (I woke up and got out of bed.)].

banjir n. flood

bank n. bank [place where you can keep your money].

bantal n. cushion 2. n. pillow

banyak adj many 2. adj much [a lot of (How ~ bread do you want?)].

bapak n. father

Bapak pron Mister

bapak pron man [father]. 2. pron you [{to an older man}].

bar n. pub 2. n. bar [place where people go to drink liquor].

barang n. article [thing/object].

barang-barang (barang) n. things [clothes/equipment (Get your ~ together. We're going for a trip.)].

barat n. west

baru adj new

basah adj wet

batang n. bar [long piece of wood or metal].

batas n. border

batu n. stone [a small piece of hard material (I have a ~ in my shoe.)]. 2. n. stone [hard material found in the ground (This house is built of ~.)]. 3. n. rock [stone as part of the earth (This house is built on solid ~.)].

bawah prep below

bayi n. baby

bea n. customs [government department which charges tax on goods coming into the country]. 2. n. duty [tax which has to be paid (We had to pay ~ on the radio.)].

beberapa adj several [more than a few but not many]. 2. adj/pron some [a certain quantity (Can you buy ~ milk when you go out?)].

begitu adv so [{showing the answer is "yes"} (You're tired, ~ am I.)]. 2. adv that [so; to such a degree (I didn't know you were ~ hungry.)].

bekas adj used 2. adj [(jam tangan yang ~.)] second-hand [which someone has owned before (~ watch.)].

bekerja (kerja) vi work [to have a job (He ~s with the government.)].

belajar (ajar) vi learn [to find out about something]. 2. vi study [to learn about something (I am studying Indonesian.)].

belakang n. back [reverse side/not front].

Belanda adj Dutch 2. n. Netherlands

belum adv not yet 2. adv [(Saya ~ selesaikan pekerjaan saya.)] not yet [not until now (I have ~ finished my work.)].

belum kawin (kawin) adj single [unmarried (When I was ~ I never cooked at home.)].

benang n. thread

benar adj true [correct/right (Is it ~ that you are leaving.)]. 2. adj correct [true].

bendera n. flag

bensin n. gasoline 2. n. petrol [gasoline].

berani adj bold 2. adj brave

berapa pron how many [{showing or asking in what quantity; can be counted} (~ people are coming to the party.)]. 2. pron how much [{showing or asking in what quantity; cannot be counted} (~ food did you order.)].

beras n. rice [uncooked].

berat adj heavy [which weighs a lot (This box is ~.)].

berbahaya (bahaya) adj dangerous

berbeda (beda) adj different

berbelanja (belanja) vi shop

berbicara (bicara) vi talk

berdiri (diri) vi stand [to be on you feet (Don't just ~ there, do something.)].

berdua (dua) pron both [{in terms of people} (We ~ went to bed.)].

berenang (renang) vi swim [to move in water (Do you know how to ~.)].

beres adj O.K. [in order].

berhenti (henti) vi stop [not to move any more/to not do something any more (The car ~ped in the middle of the street.)]. 2. vi pack up [to stop working/to break down].

berisik adj noisy

berjalan (jalan) vi travel 2. vi [(Dia tinggalkan mobilnya sedang ~.)] run [to work (He left the car running.)]. 3. vi go [to work (My car won't ~.)].

berjalan kaki (jalan) vi walk [to go on foot (The car broke down and we had to ~ to the village.)].

berkeliling (keliling) n. tour

berlari (lari) vi run [to go quickly by foot (Let's ~ along the beach.)].

bermain (main) v play [to amuse yourself/take part in a game].

bersama (sama) prep with [{showing people that are together} (Are you ~ anyone?)].

bersih adj clean

bertanya (tanya) vi ask

bertemu (temu) vi meet

berteriak (teriak) vi shout

berumur (umur) adj [(Dia ~ 15 tahun.)] aged [(She is ~ 15.)].

besar adj big 2. adj large [very big].

besi n. iron [common grey metal].

besok adv/n. tomorrow

betina adj female [{animal}].

betul adj [(~)] right [correct (You are ~.)]. 2. adj true [correct/right (That was a ~ story.)]. 3. adj correct [right/not wrong].

B.H. n. brassiere

biasa adj average [ordinary]. 2. adj usual [which happens often; which you do often (I took the ~ bus to work.)].

biasanya (biasa) adv usually

biaya n. charge [money which you pay to do something (There is no ~ for this service.)].

bibir n. lip

bicara vi speak

bilang vi say [to speak words].

binatang n. animal

bingung adj confused

bioskop n. cinema

bir n. beer

biro wisata (wisata) n. travel agent

biru adj blue

bis n. bus

bis turis (bis) n. coach [a large comfortable bus].

bisa v can [{used with other verbs to mean able} (I ~ meet you after work.)]. 2. vi able to

biskuit n. biscuits 2. n. cookie

bisnis n. business

bistik n. steak

blok n. block [group of buildings surrounded by streets].

blumkol n. cauliflower

bodoh adj stupid

bola n. ball

boleh v can [{in asking politely} (~ I have another coffee?)]. 2. vi may

bon n. [(Minta ~nya.)] bill [a piece of paper showing the amount you have to pay (May I have the ~?)].

bosan adj bored

botol n. bottle

Bpk. (bapak) pron Mr.

bu pron mother

buah n. fruit

buah apel (apel) n. apple

buah ceri (ceri) n. cherry

buah tomat (tomat) n. tomato

buatan (buat) adj artificial

Buda n. Buddah

buka adj open

bukan adv [(Ini ~ buku.)] not [{to negate a noun} (This is ~ a book.)].

bukit n. hill

buku n. book

bulan n. month 2. n. moon

bulan Agustus (Agustus) n. August

bulan April n. April

bulan Desember n. December

bulan Januari n. January

bulan Juli n. July

bulan Juni n. June

bulan Maret n. March

bulan Mei n. May

bulan Nopember n. November

bulan Oktober n. October

bulan Pebuari n. February

bulan September n. September

bulu n. feather 2. n. hair [long thread growing on your body or the body of an animal (There's cat ~ all over the pillow.)].

bumbu n. spice

bumbu kuah selada (selada) n. salad dressing

buncis n. bean

bunga n. flower [part of a plant which has a bright colour (She was upset so I sent her some ~s.)].

bunga tulp (tulp) n. tulip

bungkus n. package 2. n. parcel

buruk adj bad [not good].

burung n. bird

burung beo (beo) n. parrot

busuk adj rotten


candi n. Hindu temple

cangkir n. cup [small bowl with a handle for drinking coffee/tea].

cangkir kopi (cangjir) n. coffee cup

cantik adj beautiful [{referring to a girl/woman}].

capek adj tired

cat n. paint

cek n. cheque [{US=check}].

cek turis (cek) n. traveller's cheque

celana n. trousers 2. n. pants [clothing worn around the legs].

celana dalam (celana) n. underwear

cepat adj/adv fast [quick/quickly (This is the ~ train to Bandung.)].

cetak vi print [to mark letters on a page using a machine].

cicak n. lizard

Cina n. China

cincin n. ring [circle of metal you wear on your finger (She was wearing a wedding ~.)].

coba int [(~ buka pintu.)] please [asking someone to try to do something (~ open the door.)].

coklat adj brown 2. n. cocoa 3. n. chocolate [sweet food made from the seeds of the cocoa tree].

coro n. cockroach

cowok n. boy

cucian (cuci) n. wash [clothes which need to be cleaned (She did the ~ all afternoon.)]. 2. n. laundry [clothes which need to be washed].

cucu n. grandchild

cukup adj enough

cumi-cumi n. squid


dada n. chest [top part of the front of your body].

daerah n. region 2. n. area [district].

daftar n. list

daftar jam (jam) n. timetable

daftar makanan (makan) n. menu

daftar rencana (rencana) n. schedule

daging n. meat

daging babi (daging) n. ham

daging babi (babi) n. pork

daging sapi (daging) n. beef

dagu n. chin

dalam adj deep [which goes a long way down]. 2. adv in [showing place]. 3. prep inside [in]. 4. prep to [{showing connection} (There are one hundred cents to the dollar.)].

dan conj and

danau n. lake

dapat vi able to

dapat dibawa-bawa (bawa) adj portable

dapur n. kitchen

darah n. blood

dari prep of 2. prep from [out of (He comes ~ Bali.)].

dari kayu (kayu) adj wooden [made of wood].

darimana (dari) prep from where

darurat n. emergency

dasar adj basic 2. n. base 3. n. bottom [lowest part].

dasi n. necktie 2. n. tie [long piece of cloth men tie in knots and wear around their necks (He wore a yellow tie with black dots.)].

datang vi arrive 2. vi come [to move towards here (~ here I need you.)].

daun n. leaf

debu n. dust

dekat adj/adv close [very near/beside (My house is ~ to downtown.)]. 2. adv near

delapan adj eight

delapan belas (delapan) adj eighteen

delapan puluh (delapan) adj eighty

dengan prep by [{showing means or method} (He went to Bandung ~ bus.)]. 2. prep with [{showing things/people that are together} (He came ~ his wife.)].

dengan nyata (nyata) adv obviously

derajat n. degree [part of a series of measurements (It's 5 ~s outside.)].

Desember n. December

detik n. second [one sixtieth of a minute (Wait a ~.)].

di adj to [{showing place} (The hotel is ~ the right of the train station.)]. 2. prep on [showing an instrument/machine which is used (There was a good show ~ television.)]. 3. prep in [showing place]. 4. prep [(Ketemulah saya ~ hotel.)] at [{showing place} (Meet me ~ the hotel.)]. 5. prep on [showing time/day/date (We will meet ~ Thursday.)].

di- vt [(Rambut saya harus dicuci.)] get [to pay someone to do something (I have to ~ my hair washed.)].

di antara (antara) prep in between

di atas (atas) adv above 2. adv on 3. adv on top

di bawah (bawah) prep beneath [to be under (The ground was soft ~ his feet.)].

di belakang (belakang) prep behind [at the back of].

di depan (depan) adv ahead

di depan prep in front of [on the front side of something (He is standing ~ the house.)].

di sekitar (kitar) adv around [about].

di tingkat atas (atas) adv upstairs [on the top floor of a house (Father is ~.)].

dia pron he 2. pron her [{object pron. referring to a female} (Please give ~ this letter.)]. 3. pron him [{object pron. referring to a male} (Please give ~ this letter.)]. 4. pron she [{referring to a female} (~ is my sister.)].

diam adj quiet

diatas (atas) adv/prep up [in a higher place (Why is the cat ~ on the roof?)]. 2. prep on [touching or lying on the top of something].

dibawah (bawah) adv under [located below something else]. 2. adv/prep underneath [under (She wore a thick sweater ~ her coat.)]. 3. prep down [at the bottom (He is not ~ there.)].

didalam (dalam) prep inside [in].

dilakukan (laku) vt done [> do].

diluar adv out [not in/away from (He is ~ of the office.)].

diluar (luar) prep outside [not inside/beyond the walls of (I left by bike ~.)].

dimana (mana) adv where [{asking a question} in what place (~ are my glasses?)].

dimana-mana (mana) adv everywhere [in all places (I have looked ~ for you.)].

dimanapun (mana) adv anywhere

dinding n. wall

dingin adj cool 2. adj cold [not warm].

Direktorat n. directorate

disamping (samping) prep beside

disana (sana) adv there [in that place (Please put the piano ~.)].

disebelah (belah) prep beside

disini prep here

disitu (situ) adv there [in that place].

dokter n. doctor

dokter gigi (dokter) n. dentist

dolar n. dollar

domba n. lamb 2. n. sheep

dompet n. purse 2. n. wallet

dorong vi push [to make something go away from you/to make something in front of you move].

dos n. box [cardboard container for shipping].

dua adj two

dua belas (dua) adj twelve

dua kali (dua) adv twice

dua puluh (dua) adj twenty

duduk vi sit

dulu adv before [earlier].


emas n. gold

ember n. bucket

empat adj four

empat belas (empat) adj fourteen

empat puluh (empat) adj forty

enak adj comfortable 2. adj delicious 3. adj nice 4. adj tasty

enam adj six

enam belas (enam) adj sixteen

enam puluh (enam) adj sixty

entahlah phrase I don't know

Eropa n. Europe

eskrim (es) n. ice cream


Filipina n. Philippines

foto n. photo [photograph].

fotokopi n. photocopy

fototustel (tustel) n. camera


gading n. ivory

gadis n. girl

gajah n. elephant

gang n. corridor

ganteng n. handsome

garam n. salt

garasi n. garage

garpu n. fork

gas n. gas

gaun n. dress [a piece of woman's/girl's clothing covering the neck to the knees].

gedung n. building

gedung bioskop (bioskop) n. movie theatre

gelang n. bracelet

gelang kunci (kunci) n. key ring

gelap adj dark [with very little light (I gets ~ at 7 o'clock.)].

gelaran (gelar) n. title

gelas n. glass [thing to drink out of (Give me another ~ of milk.)].

gemar adj like

gemuk adj fat

gendang n. drum

gereja n. church

gergaji n. saw

getaran hati (hati) n. thrill

gigi n. tooth

goa n. cave

golf n. golf

gong n. gong [{One of the many Indonesian words permeating the English language.}].

goreng adj fried

gratis adj free [not costing any money].

gudang n. barn

gula n. sugar

gula-gula (gula) n. candy

gulai n. goat soup

gunting n. scissors

gunung n. mountain

gunung api (gunung) n. volcano

guru n. teacher


habis adj gone

hablur n. crystal

hadiah n. present [gift].

halaman n. yard [area around a house (The children are playing in the ~.)].

hampir adv almost 2. adv nearly

hancur adj broken

handuk n. towel

hangat adj warm [quite hot; pleasantly hot (I like to drink ~ milk before going to bed.)].

hanya adj just [only].

harap vi may

harga adj worth [with a certain value (This house must be ~ two hundred thousand dollars.)]. 2. n. cost 3. n. price 4. n. value

hari n. day

hari ini (hari) adv/n. today

hari Jumaat (hari) n. Friday

hari kamis (hari) n. Thursday

hari minggu (hari) n. Sunday

Hari Natal (hari) n. Christmas

hari rabu (hari) n. Wednesday

hari raya (hari) n. holiday [day when you don't have to work (Christmas Day is a ~.)].

hari sabtu (hari) n. Saturday

hari selasa (hari) n. Tuesday

hari Senin (hari) n. Monday

hari ulang tahun (hari) n. birthday

harimau n. tiger

harum n. perfume

harus vi should 2. vi [(Saya ~ segera pulang.)] must [to be necessary (I ~ go home now.)].

hati n. liver

hati-hati (hati) int watch out [to be careful (~! There is a car coming.)].

haus adj thirsty

hentikan (henti) vt stop [to make something not move any more (The policeman stopped the traffic to let the children cross the street.)].

hidung n. nose

hidup adj live [not dead]. 2. vi live [to be alive].

hijau adj green

hilang adj lost [{of objects}].

hitam adj black

hotel n. hotel

hujan n. rain

huruf n. letter [a sign used in writing].

hutan n. forest 2. n. woods [many trees together (Let's go for a walk in the ~.)].

hutan rimba (hutan) n. jungle


ia pron he 2. pron she [{referring to a female}].

ibu n. mother 2. n. woman [more formal].

Ibu (ibu) pron Mrs.

ibu pron you [{to an older woman}].

ibu kota (kota) n. capital [city where government is located].

ikan n. fish

ikan mas (ikan) n. goldfish

ikan sarden (ikan) n. sardine

ikan tongkol (ikan) n. tuna

ikat n. band [thin piece of material for tying things together].

impor adj imported 2. n. import

indah adj beautiful [{referring to a thing/view etc.}].

India n. India

Indo n. Eurasian

Indonesia n. Indonesia

ingat vi remember

Inggeris adj British 2. adj [{orang/barang-barang ~}] English 3. n. Britain 4. n. [{negeri ~}] England

ingin tahu (tahu) adj curious [wanting to know (She is always ~ about my personal life.)].

ini adj/pron this [{used to refer to a part of today; the recent past or a period of time which will soon arrive} (I saw her ~ morning. What are you doing ~ afternoon.)]. 2. adj/pron this [{used to show something which is nearer - opposite to "that"} (~ is the book I was talking about.)]. 3. art the [{meaning something in particular} this (Please take ~ book.)]. 4. pron these 5. pron it [this here].

inilah (ini) int this is it

intan n. diamond [very valuable stone].

interlokal n. long distance

internasional adj international

isi n. contents

istana n. castle 2. n. palace

isteri n. wife

istri n. wife

Itali n. Italy

itu adj/pron that [{showing something is farther away} (Please hand me ~ book.)]. 2. art the [{meaning something in particular} that (Please give me ~ book.)]. 3. pron those [{plural of > that}]. 4. pron it [that there].


jagung n. corn

jahat adj bad [evil].

jahe n. ginger

Jakarta n. Jakarta [capital of Indonesia].

jalan n. path 2. n. road 3. n. street 4. n. way [road/path which goes somewhere (Is this the ~ to Bandung?)].

jalan masuk (masuk) n. entrance [way of going in {street/path}].

jalan memutar (jalan) n. detour

jalan pinggir (jalan) n. sidewalk

jalan raya (jalan) n. avenue

jalan-jalan (jalan) n. walk [journey on foot (Let's go for a ~.)].

jam n. clock 2. n. hour 3. n. watch [a small clock which you wear on your wrist (He kept looking at his ~.)]. 4. n. time [particular point in the day shown in hours and minutes (What ~ is it?)].

jam tangan (jam) n. wrist watch

jangan vi do not [{telling someone not to do something} (~ play with matches.)].

janji n. appointment [arrangement to see someone at a particular time]. 2. n. date [time agreed for a meeting].

jantan adj male [referring to an animal].

jantung n. heart [part of your body which moves blood (My ~ is beating too fast.)].

Januari adj January

jarak n. distance

jari n. finger

jari kaki (jari) n. toe

jarum n. needle

jas n. jacket

jasa n. service [providing things which people need (The train ~ is very poor in Canada.)].

jatuh vi fall

jauh adj distant 2. adj/adv far [a long way away].

Jawa n. Java [Indonesian island].

jawaban (jawab) n. answer

jelas adj clear [easily understood/with nothing in the way].

jembatan n. bridge

jendela n. window

jenggot n. beard

jenis n. kind [type].

Jepang n. Japan

Jerman n. Germany

jeruk n. citrus 2. n. orange [sweet tropical fruit coloured between yellow and red].

jeruk limun (jeruk) n. lemon

jika conj if [when].

judi vi gamble

juga adv also 2. adv too [also (I want you to come ~.)]. 3. adv so [also (You like snow? ~ do I.)].

Juli n. July

jumlah n. quantity 2. n. amount [quantity].

Juni n. June

jus n. juice

juta adj million


kaca n. glass [material used to make windows etc. (She broke the window and was cut by flying ~.)].

kaca muka (kaca) n. mirror

kacamata (kaca) n. eyeglasses

kacamata n. glasses [things you wear in front of your eyes to help you see (She was wearing ~.)].

kacamata hitam (kaca) n. sunglasses

kacang n. bean 2. n. nut 3. n. peanut

kadang-kadang (kadang) adv sometimes

kain n. cloth 2. n. fabric 3. n. material [cloth].

kakak pron sister [elder]. 2. pron brother [{elder}].

kakek n. grandfather

kaki n. leg 2. n. base [bottom part of something {a mountain; a monument}]. 3. n. foot [end part of your leg].

kaktus n. cactus

kalah vi lose [not to win].

kalau conj if [showing what might happen].

kalendar n. calendar

kaleng n. tin [a round metal box (Let's open a ~ of soup.)]. 2. n. can [round metal container for keeping food or drink].

kali n. canal 2. n. river 3. n. time [one of several moments/periods when something happens (This is the second ~ I have seen this movie.)].

kali ini (kali) n. this time

kalung n. necklace

kamar n. chamber 2. n. room [part of a house (Let's paint the ~ green.)].

kamar duduk (kamar) n. living room

kamar kecil (kamar) n. toilet

kamar makan (kamar) n. dining room

kamar mandi (kamar) n. bathroom

kamar tidur (kamar) n. bedroom

kambing n. goat

kami pron us [{object pronoun used by the person speaking to talk about himself and other people but not the person he is speaking to} (Give ~ all your money.)]. 2. pron we [{subject pronoun referring to you and other people, not including the person you are speaking to} (~ are going on vacation next week.)].

kamu pron you [{referring to someone you are speaking to} (I'll call ~ tomorrow.) {between family or close friends}].

kamus n. dictionary

Kanada adj Canadian 2. n. Canada

kanan adj right [not left/side of the hand most people write with (My house is on the ~ side of the street.)].

kancing n. button [small round object used to keep clothing closed].

kandang n. cage

kantong n. bag [paper/plastic bag].

kantor n. office 2. n. station [large building for some service (We had to go to the police ~ to identify the thief.)].

kantor pos (pos) n. post office

kapal n. boat 2. n. ship

kapal layar (kapal) n. sail boat

kapan adv when [{asking a question} at what time (~ do we eat supper?)].

kapas n. cotton

kapten n. captain

karang n. coral

karcis n. ticket [piece of paper/card etc. which allows you to travel/into a cinema etc. (I bought two ~s to the Rolling Stones concert.)].

karena conj because 2. prep since [because (~ you have been good, I will give you a cookie.)].

karet n. rubber

karim adj generous

kartu n. card

kartu pos (kartu) n. post card

karyawan (karya) n. employee

kasar adj coarse 2. adj rough [{of people/things} not smooth/finished (Don't play with those boys they're too ~.)].

kaset n. cassette

kasir n. cashier

kasur n. mattress

kata n. word

kaus n. [{T-shirt}] shirt

kaus kaki (kaus) n. sock 2. n. stocking

kaya adj rich [to have lots of money/things etc. (Indonesia is ~ in forests.)].

kayu n. wood [material that a tree is made out of].

kayu manis (kayu) n. cinnamon

ke prep towards 2. prep to [{showing direction} (Let's go ~ the store.)].

ke arah (arah) prep towards [in the direction of (She ran ~ the policeman.)].

ke bawah (bawak) prep beneath [to go under (We ran ~ the bridge.)].

ke tingkat atas (atas) adv upstairs [to the top floor of a house (Let's go ~.)].

keatas (atas) adv/prep up [to a higher level (Houses cost one hundred thousand dollars and ~.)]. 2. adv/prep up [to a higher place (Let's go ~ the mountain.)].

kebawah (bawah) adv under [moving below something else (The bridge was so high that large ships could pass under.)]. 2. adv/prep down [towards the bottom].

keberangkatan (angkat) n. departure

kebudayaan (budaya) n. culture

kebun n. garden

kebun binatang (binatang) n. zoo

kecap n. soy sauce

kecepatan (cepat) n. speed [how fast you go (The car was travelling at a high ~.)].

kecil adj small 2. adj tiny 3. adj little [small/not big].

kecoa n. cockroach

kedalam (dalam) adv inside [in/indoors]. 2. prep into [{showing movement towards the inside}].

kedatangan (datang) n. arrival 2. n. coming

kedua (dua) adj second [coming after the first (This is the ~ time I have been here.)]. 2. pron both [{in terms of things} (I want ~ books.)].

kedutaan n. embassy

keju n. cheese

kelabu adj grey

kelambu n. mosquito net

kelapa n. coconut

kelas dua (kelas) adj second-class

keluar (luar) adv out [not in/away from (She went ~ of the house.)]. 2. prep outside [not inside/beyond the walls of (I took my bike ~.)].

keluar vi exit 2. vi stick out [to be further out (The dog's head sticks out of the door.)].

keluarga n. family

keluk n. curve

kemacatan (macat) n. traffic jam 2. n. jam [something in the way].

kemana (mana) adv where [{asking a question} to what place (~ are you going?)].

kemana-mana (mana) adv everywhere [to all places (I have gone ~ looking for work.)].

kemari vi come here

kemarin n. yesterday

kembali adv [(Apakah anda mau ~?)] back [return (Are you coming ~?)]. 2. vi return [to come/go back]. 3. vi come back [to return (~ soon.)].

kemeja n. [{man's}] shirt [light piece of clothing you wear over the top of your body].

kenapa adv why [{asking a question} (~ aren't you in school today?)].

kendi n. jar

kentang n. potato

kentut n. fart

kenyang adj satisfied 2. adj full [not hungry (I can't eat any more I'm ~.)].

keong n. snail

kepala n. chief [person in charge]. 2. n. head [top part of the body/most important person (He is the ~ of this department.)].

kepiting n. crab

kepunyaan (punya) vt belong [to be the property of (This book ~s to me.)].

kera n. monkey

keran n. faucet 2. n. tap [device for controlling flow of water].

keranjang n. basket

keras adj loud 2. adj hard [not soft (The apple is ~ I can't bite it.)]. 3. adj strong [with a powerful smell/taste etc. (I like ~ cheese.)]. 4. adv hard [with a lot of effort (He hit the nail ~.)].

kereta n. carriage 2. n. cart 3. n. coach [a wagon for passengers on a train].

kereta api (kereta) n. train 2. n. railway [{Brit.}]. 3. n. railroad [{US}].

keripik (keripik) n. chip [long thin piece of potato fried in oil].

keris n. ceremonial knife

kertas n. paper [thin sheet of material which you write on].

kertas kloset (kertas) n. toilet paper

kesalahan (salah) n. wrong [something which is not correct (Two ~s do not make a right, three do.)].

kesana (sana) adv there [to that place (I went ~ last week.)].

kesitu (situ) adv there [to that place (How long does it take to get ~.)].

ketiga (tiga) adj third

khusus adj special

khwatir vi worry [to be afraid and not sure because of something (She's ~ing about her exams.)].

kilo n. kilo

kilogram n. kilogram

kilometre n. kilometer

kipas n. fan [machine used to move air].

kira-kira (kira) adv approximately

kiri adj left

kita pron us [{object pronoun used by the person speaking to talk about himself and other people with him} (If we are good, mother will give ~ some cookies.)]. 2. pron we [{subject pronoun referring to you and other people, including the person you are speaking to} (Are ~ going on vacation next week?)].

kol n. cabbage

kolam n. pool [special container for water {e.g. for swimming in}].

kolam renang (renang) n. swimming pool

kompor n. oven 2. n. stove

komputer n. computer

kondom n. condom

konperensi n. conference

konser n. concert

kontrak n. contract

kopi n. coffee [a hot drink].

kopor n. suitcase

korden n. curtain

korek api (korek) n. cigarette lighter 2. n. lighter

kosong adj blank 2. adj empty 3. adj vacant 4. adj zero 5. adj free [not occupied/not busy (There wasn't one ~ taxi in the city.)].

kota n. city 2. n. town 3. n. [kota bagian yang ramai] downtown [central area of a town or city].

kotak n. box [wooden/metal container for storage].

kotak pos (kotak) n. mailbox

kotor n. dirty

kotoran (kotor) n. dirt

kuat adj hale [who/which has a lot of force/a lot of strength]. 2. adj strong [who/which has a lot of force/a lot of strength (Are you ~ enough to climb a mountain?)].

kuburan n. cemetery

kucing n. cat

kuda n. horse

kue n. cake

kue-kue (kue) n. pastry

kuku n. fingernail

kulit n. leather 2. n. skin 3. n. peel [skin of a fruit or vegetable].

kumis n. moustache

kunci n. key

kuning adj yellow

kunjungan (kunjung) n. visit [short stay with someone; short stay in a place (We made a ~ to China.)].

kupon n. coupon

kurang adj less 2. prep [(Jam delapan ~ lima belas.)] to [before (It's quarter ~ eight.)].

kursi n. chair

kwitansi n. receipt


laci n. drawer

lada n. pepper

lagi adv more [again/extra].

lagu n. song

lahir vi born

laki-laki (laki) n. male 2. n. man [male].

lalat n. fly

lalu adv then [after that (What did you do ~?)].

lalu lintas (lintas) n. traffic

lama adj ancient [not new]. 2. adj old [not new/former]. 3. adv long [a long time].

lambat adj slow

lampu n. lamp

lampu lalu lintas (lampu) n. traffic light

lampu senter (lampu) n. flashlight

langit n. sky

langit-langit (langit) n. ceiling

langsung adj/adv direct [straight (The plane flies ~ to Bali.)].

lantai n. floor

lapangan (lapang) n. square [open area of town, surrounded by big buildings (Meet me at the town ~.)].

lapangan n. field [piece of flat ground/area of study].

lapar adj hungry

lari n. run [going quickly on foot].

lawang n. gate

lebah n. bee

lebih adv more [{to make a comparison} (She is ~ intelligent than her brother.)].

lebih baik (baik) adj better [very good {compared to something else}].

lebih banyak (lebih) adj more [extra/which is added].

lebih buruk (buruk) adj/adv worse [less good {as compared to something else} (The weather today is ~ than yesterday.)].

lebih dari (lebih) conj more than 2. prep over [more than (It cost ~ five dollars.)].

lebih jauh (jauh) adv farther

lebih kecil (kecil) adj smaller

lebih kurang (lebih) adj more or less 2. adj about [approximately/more or less].

lebih panas (panas) adj hotter

leher n. neck

lelaki (laki) n. male

lemak n. fat

lemari n. closet 2. n. cupboard

lemari es (lemari) n. refrigerator

lemari kaca (lemari) n. cabinet

lembar n. sheet

lengan n. arm

lengan baju (lengan) n. sleeve

lengkap adj complete

lentur n. bend

lepek n. saucer

lewat prep via

lewat (lewat) prep through [from one side to the other (I looked ~ the window and saw the moon.)].

lift n. lift [elevator].

lilin n. candle 2. n. wax

lima adj five

lima belas (lima) adj fifteen

lima puluh (lima) adj fifty

lima ratus (lima) adj five hundred

listrik n. electricity

liter n. litre

logam n. metal

lomba n. race [a contest to see which person/horse/car is the fastest].

lombok n. chili

lonceng n. bell 2. n. clock

London n. London [Capital city of England].

luar biasa (biasa) adj unusual

luar negri (luar) adj foreign

lubang n. hole 2. n. pit [hole in the ground].

lucu adj amusing

luka n. cut [place where something has been opened by something sharp (I got a bad ~ on my finger.)].

lusa adv day after tomorrow

lusin n. dozen


maaf int excuse me 2. int sorry [{used to excuse yourself}]. 3. n. pardon [action of forgiving (I beg your ~.)].

madu n. honey

mahal adj expensive

majalah n. magazine

makan vi eat

makan malam (makan) n. dinner 2. n. supper

makan pagi (makan) n. breakfast 2. vi have breakfast

makan siang (makan) n. lunch

makanan (makan) n. food

malam n. night 2. n. evening [late part of the day when its getting dark].

malaria n. malaria

malu adj shy

mandi n. [(Saya mau ~ dengan air panas.)] bath [washing your whole body (I feel like a hot ~.)]. 2. v bath [to wash all over].

mangga n. mango

manggis n. mangosteen

mangkuk n. bowl

manis adj sweet

mantel n. coat

marah adj angry

mari kita (mari) vt let's [{showing a suggestion}].

masakan (masak) n. cooking 2. n. food [cooking].

masih adv still [until now/until then/continuing (Are you ~ in the bathroom?)].

masih belum (belum) adv not yet

masukkan (masuk) vt insert

mata n. eye

mata uang (uang) n. currency

matahari (hari) n. sun

matang adj ripe

mati adj off [not switched on (Please turn the lights ~.)]. 2. adj dead [{of animal} not alive].

mau vt want [to hope than something will happen; to hope that you will have something (I ~ some bread.)].

mau hidup (hidup) vi [(Mobil tidak ~ mesinnya.)] start [to begin to work (The car won't ~.)].

Mei n. May

meja n. table

meja tulis (meja) n. desk

melakukan (laku) vt do [perform/carry out (Did you ~ the job?)].

melalui (lalu) adv/prep through [by (We will find peace ~ understanding.)]. 2. prep via

Melayu adj Malaysian

melekat (lekat) vt stick to

melihat (lihat) v see [to use your eyes (I ~ by your outfit that you are a cowboy.)]. 2. vi look [to turn your eyes toward something].

melukakan (luka) vt injure

memaafkan (maaf) vt excuse

memakai (pakai) vt wear [to carry on your body {clothes/perfume/jewellery etc.} (I like that dress you're wearing.)]. 2. vt use [to take a tool, etc. and do something with it (How do you know how to ~ chopsticks.)].

memancing (pancing) vi fish

memang adv certainly 2. adv indeed

memanggil (panggil) vt call [to shout to tell someone to come (~ the children.)].

memasak (masak) vt cook

memasang (pasang) vi turn on [to switch on (Please turn the lights on.)].

memasuki (masuk) vt enter

mematikan (mati) vt turn off [to switch off (Don't forget to ~ the television.)].

membaca (baca) vi read

membagi (bagi) vt share [to divide something between several people (Please ~ the cookies.)].

membakar (bakar) vi burn

membangunkan (bangun) vt wake up [to interrupt someone's sleep (You didn't wake me up, the telephone did.)].

membantu (bantu) vt assist

membawa (bawa) vt bring 2. vt carry [to bring something].

membayar (bayar) vi pay [to give money for something (I will not ~ $5 for that hat.)].

membeli (beli) vi purchase 2. vt buy

membelikan (beli) vt buy for

membelok (belok) vi turn [to change direction (We have to ~ right at the next traffic light.)].

memberi (beri) vt give

membersihkan (bersih) vt clean

membuang (buang) vi throw away

membuat (buat) vt make [to cause someone to feel something (did I ~ you angry?)]. 2. vt make [to get ready (will you ~ dinner?)].

membuka (buka) v open [to make open (Please ~ the door for me.)].

membunuh (bunuh) vt blow away [{Slang} to kill {a person}].

memegang (pegang) vt hold [to have in your hand].

memeriksa (periksa) v. check [to look at something carefully/to make sure (Customs will ~ your baggage.)].

memesan (pesan) vt book [to reserve a place/table/seat].

memiliki (milik) vt own [to have (I ~ a car and a motorcycle.)].

meminjam (pinjam) vi borrow

meminjamkan (pinjam) vt lend

meminta (minta) vi ask for

memotong (potong) vi slice 2. vt cut [to make an opening using something sharp (He ~ the meat with a knife.)].

memperbaiki (baik) vi fix [to mend/repair (Can you ~ these shoes?)]. 2. vt repair

mempercayai (percaya) vt believe

memperdayakan (daya) vt deceive

memperkatakan (kata) vt say

memperoleh (oleh) vt get [to obtain].

mempunyai (punya) vi have [to possess/to take {I have; you have; he has; she has; we have; you have; they have} (He has lots of money.)].

memutar (putar) vt turn [to make something go round in a circle (She turned the key and pushed open the door.)].

menafsir (tafsir) vi interpret

menaiki (naik) vt ascend

menambah (tambah) vi add [to put more of something].

menangis (tangis) vi cry

menangkap (tangkap) vt get [to catch/take].

menara n. tower

menari (tari) vi dance

menarik (tarik) adj attractive 2. adj interesting 3. vi pull [to move something towards you/move something which is coming behind you].

menaruh (taruh) vi put

menawar (tawar) vi bargain

mencapai (capai) vi reach for 2. vt reach [to arrive at (We will ~ the hotel at 9 o'clock.)].

mencari (cari) vi search for 2. vt look for

mencium (cium) vt smell [to notice the smell of something (The cat likes to ~ dead fish.)].

mencoba (coba) vi try [to make an effort to do something; to test (~ to start the car again.)]. 2. vi try on [to put on a piece of clothing to see if it fits (Do you want to ~ another pair of shoes?)]. 3. vi attempt [to try].

mencuci (cuci) v wash [to clean using water (I have to ~ my car.)]. 2. vt clean [wash].

mencukur (cukur) vi shave [to cut of hair with a razor (I ~ every morning.)].

mendaftarkan (daftar) vt check into [to arrive and register at a hotel].

mendapatkan (dapat) vt obtain

mendengar (dengar) v hear [to catch sounds with your ears (I can't ~ you.)].

menelepon (telepon) vt telephone

menemani (teman) vt accompany [to go with].

menerbang (terbang) vi fly

menerima (terima) vi receive 2. vt get [to receive (He got a car from his parents.)].

mengada-ada (ada) vt exaggerate

mengajar (ajar) vt teach

mengambil (ambil) vt take [pick something up (Did you ~ my pen?)].

mengangkat (angkat) vi lift [to raise to a higher position].

mengantar (antar) vt accompany [to go with]. 2. vt see [to go with someone (Let me ~ you home.)].

mengatakan (kata) vt [(Apakah anda ~ sesuatu?)] say [(Did you ~ something?)]. 2. vt tell [to say something to someone (She told me she was going to be late.)].

mengemudi (kemudi) vt drive [to make a car etc. go in a certain direction].

mengenal (kenal) vi know [to have met someone].

mengerjakan (kerja) vt do [perform/carry out (Did you ~ the job?) {I do, you do, he/she does, we do, they do}].

mengerti (erti) v see [to understand (I don't ~ why you need more money.)]. 2. vi understand [to know; to see what something means (Do you ~ how a car works?)].

menggangu (ganggu) vt bother 2. vt disturb

menggapai (gapai) vi reach for

menggunakan (guna) vt use [to take a tool, etc. and do something with it (How do you ~ chopsticks.)].

menghidupkan (hidup) vt start [to make something work (I can't ~ the car.)].

menghilangkan (hilang) vt lose [to put something somewhere and not know where it is].

menghitung (hitung) vt count

menghubungi (hubung) vt contact

mengikat (ikat) vi tie [to attach with a knot (Please ~ my shoelaces for me.)]. 2. vt tie up [to attach tightly with a knot (The robbers tied up the man and took all his money.)].

mengikuti (ikut) vt follow [to come after (~ me I know the way.)].

mengirimkan (kirim) vt send

mengisi (isi) vt fill in [to write in the blank spaces {on a form} (Please ~ your name and address.)].

mengobrol (obrol) vi chat

mengucapkan (ucap) vt say [to express {e.g. goodbye}].

mengulangi (ulang) vt repeat

mengunjungi (kunjung) v visit

menikmati (nikmat) vt enjoy

menimbang (timbang) vi weigh

meninggalkan (tinggal) vt check out [to leave a hotel].

menit n. minute

menjaga (jaga) vt look after [to take care of].

menjahit (jahit) vi sew

menjalankan (jalan) vt turn on [to switch on].

menjawab (jawab) vi answer

menjual (jual) vi sell [to give something to someone for money (Sally sells sea shells.)].

menjumlahkan (jumlah) vt add [to put numbers together].

menonton (nonton) vt watch [to look at (Did you ~ television last night.)].

mentah adj raw

mentega n. butter

mentimun n. cucumber

menukar (tukar) vt change [to give something for something else (Can I ~ dollars for rupiah?)].

menulis (tulis) v write [to put words/numbers on paper (~ you name and address here.)].

menunggu (tunggu) vi wait

menutup (tutup) vt shut 2. vt close [to shut].

menyalin (salin) vt copy

menyanyi (nyanyi) vi sing

menyeberang (seberang) vt cross [to go from one side to the other].

menyelam (selam) vi dive

menyembuh (sembuh) vi recover [to get well after being sick].

menyeterika (seterika) vi iron [make cloth smooth].

menyetir (setir) vi drive [to make a car etc. go in a certain direction (I don't like to ~ in the city.)].

menyetujui (setuju) vi accept [to agree].

menyewa (sewa) vt lodge [to pay money to live in a house]. 2. vt rent [to pay money to live in a house].

menyewakan (sewa) vt rent [to let someone live in your house for money].

menyiapkan (siap) vt prepare

menyimpan (simpan) vi keep [to have for a long time]. 2. vi store [to keep food/money etc. for using later (Let's ~ some apples for the winter.)].

merah adj red

merah muda (merah) adj pink

merapikan (rapi) vt tidy up [to make something completely tidy (He tidied up the room before his wife came home.)]. 2. vt tidy [to make something neat (~ your room before supper.)].

merebus (rebus) v [(Tolong merebus airnya dua puluh menit.)] boil [to heat a liquid until it changes to a gas (Please boil the water for 20 minutes.)].

mereka pron them 2. pron they [{referring to people/things} (~ are coming to dinner tomorrow.)].

meriam n. cannon

mesin n. machine

mesjid n. mosque

mie n. noodles

milyar n. billion

minggu n. week

minta vi [(~ bir.)] please [asking someone to give you something (I'll have a beer, ~.)].

minta maaf (maaf) vi apologize 2. vi apology 3. vi excuse

minum v drink [to swallow a liquid (~ your milk.)].

minuman (minum) n. drink [a liquid which you swallow (I need a ~.)].

minuman keras (minum) n. liquor 2. n. drink [alcohol (Let's go to the bar for a ~.)].

minyak n. oil

mobil n. automobile 2. n. car

modal n. capital [money you use to start a business].

monumen n. monument

motor n. engine

muda adj young [not old (She is ~ but experienced.)].

mudah adj easy

muka n. face

mulai (mula) vi begin

mulai vi start [to begin (When does the movie ~.)].

mulut n. mouth

mungil adj cute

mungkin adj possible 2. adv maybe

murah adj cheap

musik n. music

musim n. season

musim bunga (musim) n. spring [season of the year after winter and before summer (Flowers bloom in ~.)].

musim gugur (gugur) n. autumn

musim panas (musim) n. summer

musium n. museum

Muslim n. Muslim

mutiara n. pearl


naik sepeda (sepeda) vi cycle [(The weather was so nice we decided to ~ to the park.)].

naik-turun (naik) vi climb up and down

nama n. name

nanas n. pineapple

nasi n. rice [cooked].

nasional adj national

Nasrani n. Christian

negeri n. country [area of land which is separate and governs itself (I like travelling to other countries.)].

nenek n. grandmother

ngak int no [opposite of yes/negative].

nol adj zero

nomer telepon (telepon) n. [(Berapa nomor telepon anda?)] telephone number [(What is your ~.)]. 2. n. [(Berapa ~ Anda?)] phone number [(What is your ~?].

nona n. girl

Nona pron Miss [salutation to an unmarried woman].

nyamuk n. mosquito


obat n. medicine [something you take to make you feel well].

obeng n. screwdriver

obral n. sale [selling things at cheap prices (I bought the shoes on ~.)].

odol gigi (gigi) n. toothpaste

olahraga n. sports

oleh-oleh (oleh) n. souvenir

ons n. ounce [one tenth of a kilogram].

orang n. person

orang Amerika (Amerika) n. American

orang asing (orang) n. foreigner

orang bodoh (bodoh) n. ass [a stupid person].

orang homoseks (homoseks) n. queer [{Slang} homosexual].

orang Indonesia (Indonesia) n. Indonesian

orang tua (orang) n. parents [mother and father].

orang yang sok tahu (tahu) n. wiseass

orange adj orange [colour between yellow and red].

orang-orang (orang) n. people [{Plural of > person}].

orkes n. band [group of people esp. who play music together].

otak n. brain

otomatis adj automatic


pabrik n. factory

pada prep in 2. prep into [against (The car ran ~ the tree)]. 3. prep on [hanging from (He hung the picture ~ the hook.)]. 4. prep by [{showing amount} (My salary went up ~ 4 percent.)]. 5. prep [(Saya akan ketemu anda ~ pukul sembilan malam.)] at [{showing time} (I will see you ~ 9 o'clock.)]. 6. prep [(Dirikanlah itu pada dinding.)] against [touching (Please stand it ~ the wall.)].

padang adj passing

pagar n. fence

pagi n. morning

pahit adj bitter

pakai prep with [{showing something which is used} (Do you take coffee ~ milk?)]. 2. vt take [to occupy (Is this seat taken?)]. 3. vt take [to use (Do you ~ sugar in your coffee.)].

pakaian (pakai) n. clothes 2. n. clothing

paket n. parcel

palang n. cross [shape made of an upright line with another going across it].

palsu adj false

pameran (pamer) n. exhibit 2. n. show [where things are put put for people to see (We're going to the flower ~.)].

panas adj hot 2. adj warm [quite hot (She prefers a ~ climate.)].

panci n. pan

panci (panci) n. saucepan

pandai adj good [clever (He's a good cook.)].

panjang adj long [not short/which measures a lot]. 2. n. length

pantai n. beach 2. n. coast

pantat n. rear [buttocks]. 2. n. bottom [part of the body on which you sit]. 3. n. bum [{Slang} part of the body you sit on].

parkir v park

paru-paru n. lung

pasang n. couple

pasar n. market

pasir n. sand

paspor n. passport

pasti adj certain [sure].

pasti? vi [(Ia ~ di atas.)] must [to be likely (She ~ be upstairs.)].

patung n. statue

payung n. umbrella

pecah v burst [to break].

pedagang (dagang) n. merchant

pedas adj spicy

pegawai n. official [person in an important government job].

pelabuhan (labuh) n. harbour [{US=harbor}].

pelajar (ajar) n. student

pelan-pelan (pelan) adv slowly

pelayan (layan) n. waiter

pelayan wanita (layan) n. waitress

pemandangan (pandang) n. view [what you see from a certain place (The ~ is beautiful from our bedroom.)].

pemangkas rambut (rambut) n. barber

pembalut (balut) n. bandage

pembantu (bantu) n. assistant 2. n. maid 3. n. servant

pembawa (bawa) n. carrier

pembuka (buka) n. opener

pembuka kaleng (buka) n. can opener

pemeriksaan (periksa) n. check [making sure (Customs will make a ~ of all baggage.)].

pemerintah (perintah) n. government

pena n. pen

penari (tari) n. dancer

pencuci (cuci) n. cleaner

pencucian (cuci) n. wash [action of cleaning using water (I gave the car a good ~.)].

pendek adj short [not long in space/time/not tall (A ~ time ago, I was ~ too.)].

pengemudi (kemudi) n. driver

pengusaha (usaha) n. businessman

peniti n. pin

pensil n. pencil

penting adj important

penuh adj full [with as much inside as possible (The hotel was ~.)].

penyanyi (nyanyi) n. singer

perabotan rumah (perabot) n. furniture

perak n. silver [a valuable white metal (These spoons are made of ~.)].

Perancis adj French 2. n. France

perangko n. stamp [a small piece of paper you pay for to send letters (I have to go to the post office to buy a ~.)].

perapatan n. cross-roads

perempuan n. female

pergi vi leave [to go away]. 2. vi go [to move from one place to another (Do you want to ~ home?)].

perhatian (hati) n. [(Terima kasih atas ~ anda.)] attention [(Thank you for your ~.)].

perhentian (henti) n. stop [place where a bus lets passengers on and off (I was waiting at the bus ~ for half an hour.)].

perhiasan (hias) n. jewellery

perhubungan (hubung) n. relation

perjalanan (jalan) n. trip 2. n. voyage

perjalanan keliling (jalan) n. tour

perkawinan (kawin) n. marriage [relationship].

perkelas (kelas) n. utensil

perlu adj necessary 2. vi need

permen n. peppermint

permulaan (mula) n. beginning

perpustakaan (pustaka) n. library

pertandingan (tanding) n. competition

pertanyaan (tanya) n. question

pertokoan (toko) n. shopping centre

perusahaan (usah) n. corporation

perut n. stomach

pesan vt order [to ask for something to be served or sent].

pesawat terbang (terbang) n. plane [airplane].

pesta n. festival 2. n. party [meeting of several people on a special occasion].

peta n. map

peta jalan (peta) n. roadmap

peti n. chest [a large box]. 2. n. trunk [large box for sending clothes etc. (I have two suitcases and a ~.)].

petugas (tugas) n. officer

piala n. cup [silver jar given as a prize for winning in sports].

pilem n. film 2. n. movie

pinggang n. back [lower part of body].

pinggir n. border 2. n. edge [side of a flat object (This knife has a sharp ~.)].

pintu n. door

pintu masuk (masuk) n. entrance [way of going in {door}].

pipi n. cheek

piring n. plate [flat round thing for putting food on]. 2. n. dish [large plate for serving food (Put the meat on a large ~.)].

pisang n. banana

pisau n. knife

pisau cukur (cukur) n. razor

pohon n. tree

pojok n. corner

polisi n. police 2. n. policeman

pompa bensin (bensin) n. gas station

pondok n. cottage 2. n. hut

pos n. post [letters etc. sent my mail]. 2. n. mail [service of sending letters].

potong n. piece [slice].

potongan (potong) n. slice

presiden n. president

pria adj male [(He is a ~ nurse)]. 2. n. man [male].

pukul adv o'clock [{used to mean the exact hour} (It is 9 ~.)]. 2. n. time [particular point in the day shown in hours and minutes (What ~ is it?)].

pulang vt go home

pulang-pergi (pulang) n. return [ticket to go somewhere and come back].

pulau n. island

puncak n. summit

punggung n. back [upper part of body].

punya Anda (punya) pron [(Apakah buku ini ~?)] your [belonging to you (Is this ~ book?)].

punya dia (dia) adj her [{referring to something that belongs to a female} (This is ~ book.)].

punya mereka (punya) adj [(Rumah ini ~.)] their [belonging to them (This is ~ house.)]. 2. pron theirs [belonging to them (Is this house ~?)].

punya saya (punya) pron my [belonging to me].

pusat adj central



radio n. radio

rajah n. king

rajin adj hard working

rakyat n. people [populace].

ramai adj crowded [lively].

rambut n. hair [long thread growing on your head (Her ~ is black.)].

rantai n. chain

rapat n. meeting

rapi adj tidy [neat/in good order (If your room is ~, you can go out to play.)]. 2. adj neat [tidy/clean].

rasa n. taste [a feeling you sense with your tongue (I like the ~ of Indonesian food.)].

rata adj level [even; horizontal/not sloping]. 2. adj/adv flat [level (Lay the sweater on a ~ surface to dry.)].

rata-rata (rata) adj average [middle figure out of two or more].

ratu n. queen

ratus adj [(Itu harga enam ~ Rupiah.)] hundred [(It costs six ~ Rupiah.)].

rem n. brake [{also brakes}].

rendah adj short [low/not high].

resep n. prescription 2. n. recipe

restoran n. restaurant

rimba n. forest [jungle].

roda n. wheel [round part on which a car/bicycle etc. runs (A car has four wheels.)].

rok n. skirt

rokok n. cigarette

roti n. bread

roti panggang (roti) n. toast

ruang n. hall [large room for meetings (The meeting ~ is upstairs.)].

rumah n. house 2. n. home [place where you live].

rumah makan (makan) n. restaurant

rumah sakit (rumah) n. hospital

rupiah n. rupiah [Indonesian currency].

Rusia n. Russia


sabuk n. belt

sabuk kursi (sabuk) n. seat belt

sabun n. soap

sakit adj painful 2. adj sick 3. adj sore 4. adj ill [sick/not well]. 5. vi hurt 6. vt [(Gigi saya ~)] ache [(My tooth ~s)].

sakit gigi (gigi) n. toothache

sakit kepala (sakit) n. headache

sakit perut (perut) n. stomach ache

saku n. pocket

salah adj [(~ sambung.)] wrong [not correct (Sorry, ~ number.)]. 2. adj bad [wrong]. 3. adv wrong [badly (You've spelled my name ~.)].

salam n. [(~ kepada isterimu.)] regards [respects (Give my ~ to your wife.)].

sama adj equal 2. adj like 3. adj same

sama dengan (sama) prep like

sama sekali (sama) adv completely

sama-sama (sama) Phrase You're welcome.

sambungan (sambung) n. extension cord

sampah n. garbage 2. n. trash 3. n. waste [rubbish (Put all the ~ in the dustbin.)]. 4. n. rubbish [things which are thrown away (People should not throw ~ on the street.)].

sampai prep to [until (I slept from eleven ~ seven o'clock.)]. 2. prep until [up to the time when (~ today I didn't believe he could win.)].

samudera n. ocean

sandel n. sandal

sandiwara n. show [a play at a theatre (The Phantom of the Opera is a musical ~.)]. 2. n. [(Apakah sandriwara ini komedi atau tragedi?)] play [something written which is acted on the stage (Is the ~ a comedy or a tragedy?)].

sangat sibuk (sibuk) vi tied up [to be very busy (I'm sorry he's ~ at the moment.)].

sapi n. [{betina}] cow [{female}].

sapu n. broom

sapu tangan (sapu) n. handkerchief

satu adj one [the number 1; a single thing].

satu (buah) art an [{see a}].

satu lagi (lagi) adj [(Apakah Anda mau minuman ~?)] another [one more (Would you like ~ drink?)].

satu-satu (satu) adj single [one/for one person (Do you have a ~ room.)].

saudara n. brother

sawah n. field [{rice ~}].

saya pron I 2. pron me [{object pronoun} (Please give that book to ~.)].

sayur-sayuran (sayur) n. vegetables

sebatang (batang) art a [a/an; a stick of].

sebelah (belah) adj next door

sebelah n. side [one of two parts (Which ~ of the street?)].

sebelah (belah) prep next to

sebelas adj eleven

sebelum (belum) prep/conj before [earlier than].

sebentar (bentar) n. short time

sebentar n. moment [for a little while (Wait a ~.)].

sebuah (buah) art a [a/an; a thing]. 2. art an [{see a}].

secantik (cantik) adj as beautiful as

sedang adj medium

sedang tidur (tidur) adj asleep

sedia adj available

sedih adj sad

sedikit adj few [not many]. 2. adj little [not much (give me a ~ soup)]. 3. adj/pron some [not many/not much (Do you have ~ money?)]. 4. adv little [not much (I see her ~ these days)]. 5. n. bit

sedotan (sedot) n. straw [long hollow tube for drinking].

seekor (ekor) art an animal [{see "a"}].

segar adj fresh [not used/recently made/not tinned or frozen (Our juice is made from ~ oranges.)].

segera adv quickly 2. adv soon 3. adv shortly [in a time which is not long]. 4. adv immediately [just after].

sehari (hari) adv a day [every day (I take this medicine once ~.)].

sehat adj healthy

sejak adv/prep since [from that time on (I have been happy ~ I met you.)].

sekali adv [(Soto ini enak ~.)] very [{used to make an adjective stronger} (This is ~ good soup.)]. 2. adv [(Saya sudah lebih baik ~.)] much [very/a lot (I am feeling ~ better.)].

sekalian pron you [{referring to many people you are speaking to} (I'm happy ~ could all come.)].

sekarang adv now 2. adv at once [immediately/now (Come home ~.)].

sekolah n. school

sekretaris n. secretary

sekrup n. screw

selada n. lettuce 2. n. salad

selalu (lalu) adv always [every time; all the time (She is ~ very friendly.)].

selamat adj blessed

selamat datang (selemat) phrase welcome

Selamat hari ulang tahun. (ulang) phrase Happy birthday.

selamat jalan (selamat) int bye [{used when someone is leaving you}]. 2. n. farewell

Selamat jalan. (selamat) phrase goodbye [to person leaving].

Selamat malam. (selamat) phrase good evening

Selamat siang. (selamat) phrase good-day

selamat tinggal (selamat) int bye [{used when you are leaving someone}].

Selamat tinggal. (selamat) phrase goodbye [to person staying].

selatan adj/n. south

sele n. jam [sweet food made from fruit].

sele jeruk (sele) n. marmalade

seledri n. celery

selesai adj through [finished (I'll be ~ eating in a minute.)]. 2. adj [(Apakah cucian sudah ~?)] ready [finished (Is my laundry ~?)].

selimut n. blanket

selokan n. ditch

semangka n. melon

sembilan adj nine

sembilan belas (sembilan) adj nineteen

sembilan puluh (sembilan) adj ninety

sempit adj crowded [too many people/cars etc.].

semua adj [(~ keleringmu hilang.)] all [every (~ my marbles are lost.)]. 2. pron all [every].

semuanya pron everything

semuanya (semua) pron [(Kami ~ pergi.)] all [everyone (~ of us went.)].

semut n. ant

senam n. exercise [using you muscles (Bicycling is good ~.)].

senang adj happy 2. adj pleasantly

sendirian adj alone

sendok n. spoon

seni n. art

Senin adv Monday

senja n. twilight

seorang (orang) art a [a/an; a person].

sepak bola (sepak) n. football

sepanjang hari (hari) adv all day [the whole day (She has been working hard ~.)].

sepasang (pasang) art a [a/an; a pair of].

sepatu n. shoe

sepeda n. bicycle 2. n. cycle [bicycle/tricycle].

seperai n. bedsheet

seperempat (empat) n. quarter [one fourth].

seperti adv [(~ biasa)] as [in a certain way (~ before)].

sepiring (piring) art a [a/an; a plate of].

sepotong (potong) art a [a/an; a slice of].

September n. September

sepuluh adj ten

serangga n. insect

seratus (ratus) adj one hundred

serbet n. napkin 2. n. tissue [napkin].

seribu adj thousand [the number "1000"].

sering adv often

serta conj and

sesudah (sudah) conj after [following a time]. 2. prep after [following/next].

sesudah itu (sudah) adv then [after that (First we will buy some food. Then we will cook dinner.)].

setelah (telah) prep after [following/next].

setengah (tengah) adj [(Tolong, beri saya ~ kilo.)] half [divided into two equal parts (Give me ~ a kilo.)].

setiap (tiap) adj every

setir n. steering wheel

siang hari (hari) n. daytime [period of time between morning and night].

siap adj [(Sudah ~ untuk pergi?)] ready [prepared (Are you ~ to go?)].

siapa pron whom [{object pronoun; asking a question} to/for/by etc. which person/people (To ~ did you give the letter.)]. 2. pron who [{subject pronoun; asking a question} which person/people (~ turned off the lights?)].

sibuk adj busy

sikat n. brush

sikat gigi (gigi) n. toothbrush

sikat rambut (sikat) n. hairbrush

siku n. elbow

silakan int [(~ duduk.)] please [asking someone to do something for themselves (~ sit.)].

singa n. lion

sisir n. comb

sitolol (tolol) n. dope [{Slang} stupid person].

sodok n. shovel

sop n. soup

sopan adj polite 2. adj neat [polite/clean person].

sopir n. driver

sore adv afternoon

sore (sore) adv p.m. [after 12 o'clock noon until 12 o'clock midnight].

sosis n. sausage

soto n. soup

Spanyol n. Spain

stasiun n. station [place where trains/buses etc. stop (Meet me at the bus ~.)].

suami n. husband

suatu art a

suatu (buah) art an [{see a}].

sudah adv already 2. adv [(Apakah Anda ~ selesai?)] yet [(Have you finished ~?)].

sudah kawin (kawin) adj married

sudah menginggal (tinggal) adj dead [{of person} no longer alive].

suhu n. temperature [head measured in degrees (The ~ is minus twenty degrees in Ottawa today.)].

suka vt [(Apakah Anda ~ nasi goreng?)] like [to be pleased with something (Do you ~ nasi goreng?)].

sukar adj difficult

sulit adj difficult

Sumatra n. Sumatera [island in Indonesia].

sumpit n. chopsticks

sungai n. river

sungguh adv [(Ia ~ sakit.)] quite [completely (He is ~ sick.)].

surat n. letter [a message in writing]. 2. n. mail [letters which have been delivered to you].

surat kabar (surat) n. newspaper 2. n. paper [a news~].

susah adj difficult 2. adj hard [difficult/not easy (Learning English is not ~.)].

susu n. milk

sutera n. silk


tahu vi know [to be informed about something].

tahun n. year

Tahun Baru (baru) n. New Year

tak ada (ada) vi isn't [{=is not}].

tak berguna (guna) adj useless [which does not help (This knife is ~. It's too dull.)].

tak bisa (bisa) vi cannot [> can].

tak mujur (mujur) adj unlucky [not lucky (He was a very ~ person.)].

taksi n. taxi

takut adj afraid [to be frightened].

tali n. rope 2. n. string [thin threads twisted together (Tie the parcel with some ~.)].

tali sepatu (tali) n. shoe lace

taman n. park

tamu n. guest 2. n. visitor [person who visits (We had a ~ last night.)].

tanah pertanian (tani) n. farmland

tanah pinggiran (tanah) n. marginal land

tanda n. sign [drawing/mark/something which shows (The gift was a ~ of respect)].

tangan n. hand [the part of the body at the end of each arm (Please wash you ~s before eating.)].

tangga n. stairway

tanggal n. date [number of a day of the month (What is the ~ today?)].

tanpa adv without [not having; not with (I can do my shopping ~ a car.)].

tapi conj but

tari n. dance

tas n. handbag 2. n. bag [handbag/luggage].

tas kantor (tas) n. briefcase

teh n. tea

teka-teki n. riddle

teko kopi (teko) n. coffee pot

tekstil n. textile

telah adv already

telanjang adj bare

telepon n. phone 2. n. telephone 3. n. [(Saya ~ besok.)] ring [call on the phone (I'll give you a ~ tomorrow.)].

televisi n. television

telinga n. ear

telur n. egg

telur mata sapi (telur) n. fried egg

teman n. friend

tembaga n. copper

tembakau n. tobacco

tempat n. space [place/empty area (There is no ~ in the refrigerator for my cake.)]. 2. n. room [space for something (There's no ~ in this house for another bed.)]. 3. n. place [where something is].

tempat duduk (duduk) n. seat

tempat mandi (mandi) n. bath [a large container for water in which you can wash your whole body].

tempat sampah (sampah) n. trash can

tempat tidur (tempat) n. bed

tenang adj calm

tengah adj centre 2. adj middle

tengah hari (hari) adv noon

tenis n. tennis

tentang prep concerning 2. prep about [concerning].

tentu adv certainly

tentu saja (tentu) adv certainly

tepat adv on time

tepi n. side [edge (We live on the other ~ of town.)].

tepi laut (laut) n. seaside

tepi laut (tepi) n. shore

tepung n. flour

terang adj clear [easily understood/with nothing in the way].

terbaik (baik) adj best

terbaru (baru) adj newest

terbuka (buka) adj open [not closed].

terima kasih (terima) int thank you [words which show you are grateful (Thank you for a very nice dinner.)].

terkendali (kendali) adj achievable

terlalu (lalu) adv too [more than necessary (This weather is ~ cold.)].

termasuk (masuk) adv including 2. vt belong [to be a member of (I ~ to the computer club.)].

tersesat (sesat) adj lost [{of persons}].

tertinggal (tinggal) adj left [forgotten].

terus adv/prep through [crossing the inside of something; going in one side and out the other (The bullet passed ~ his leg.)].

tetap adj still [not moving (Stand ~ while I take your picture.)].

tetapi conj but

tiap hari (hari) adj daily

tiap-tiap (tiap) adj every

tiba vi arrive

tidak adj [(~ ada uang lagi.)] no [not any (There is ~ money left.)]. 2. adj no [not at all (This book is ~ better than the other one.)]. 3. adv [(Saya ~ pergi.)] not [{to negate verb, adjective or adverb} (I am ~ going.)]. 4. prefix un- 5. v do not [{used to make the negative} (I ~ like coffee.)].

tidak ada orang (orang) n. no one 2. n. nobody

tidak apa-apa (apa) n. nothing

tidaklah (tidak) int no [opposite of yes/negative].

tidur vi sleep

tiga adj three [the number "3"].

tiga belas (tiga) adj thirteen

tiga puluh (tiga) adj thirty

tigapuluh (tiga) n. thirty

tikus n. mouse

timbangan (timbang) n. scale [machine for weighing].

timggi adv high [above/up in the air (The airplane flew ~ over the mountains.)].

timur adj east [{referring to the east} (We live in the ~ end of town.)]. 2. adv east [towards the east (We are travelling ~.)]. 3. n. east [direction from where the sun comes up (The sun rises in the ~.)].

tinggal vi [(Saya ~ di Kemang.)] live [to have your home in a place (I ~ in Kemang.)]. 2. vi stay [to live in a place (I'm ~ing at the Borobudur Hotel.)]. 3. vi remain [to stay (The people ~ed after the meeting was over.)].

tinggi adj tall 2. adj high [{referring to numbers} big (Taxes are ~ in Canada.)]. 3. adj high [tall (There are many ~ buildings in the city.)].

tingginya (tinggi) n. height

tingkat atas (atas) n. upstairs [the top floor of a house (The ~ of our house is painted blue.)].

tip n. tip [money you give to someone who helps you].

tissu n. napkin

titik n. dot

toko n. shop [place where you can but things (I got the food at the ~ around the corner.)]. 2. n. store [shop (I went to the shoe ~ but didn't buy anything.)].

toko buku (toko) n. bookstore

toko makanan (toko) n. grocery store

toko obat (toko) n. drugstore

toko roti (roti) n. bakery

tolong vi [(~ menuruni kaki saya.)] please [asking someone to help you (~ get off my foot)].

tolong? int help! [{used when you need someone} (~ Call a doctor)].

topi n. hat

traktor n. tractor

truk n. truck

tua adj old [having lived/existed a long time].

tuan n. sir

tubuh n. body

Tuhan n. God

tujuh adj seven

tujuh belas (tujuh) adj seventeen

tujuh puluh (tujuh) adj seventy

tukang n. artisan 2. n. merchant

tukang cukur (cukur) n. barber

tukang daging (daging) n. butcher

tukang jahit (jahit) n. tailor

tukang kayu (kayu) n. carpenter

tukang masak (masak) n. cook

tulang n. bone

tunggal adj single [one/for one person (Do you have a ~ room.)].

turis n. tourist

turun adj off [showing movement away from a place (He fell ~ the horse.)]. 2. vt descend

tusuk gigi (gigi) n. toothpick

tutup adj shut 2. n. top [cover/lid (Put the ~ on the teapot.)].


uang n. money

uang kecil (uang) n. change [small money/coins].

uang kembali (uang) n. change [money you get back when you give more than the exact price].

uang kontan (uang) n. cash

uang logam (uang) n. coin

uang sewa (sewa) n. rent

uang tabungan (tabung) n. savings [money which you have saved].

uap n. steam

ucap vt express

ucapan selamat (selamat) n. congratulations

udang n. shrimp

udang karang (udang) n. lobster

udara n. air

ukiran (ukir) n. carving

ukuran (ukur) n. size

ular n. snake

umum adj common

umur n. age [number of years].

ungu adj purple

untuk prep towards [as part of money to pay for something (He paid a lot of money ~ his new car.)]. 2. prep to [for {showing connection} (There are three keys ~ the front door.)]. 3. prep for [in order to/for the benefit of (This gift is ~ you.)].

upacara n. ceremony

upacara agama (upacara) n. ritual

urban adj urban

utara adj north


visa n. visa [permission to enter a country].


wah int wow

wajah n. face

wakil n. trustee

waktu n. time [quantity of hours/days/years etc. (He spends all his ~ reading the newspaper.)].

walaupun conj although

wanita adj female 2. n. lady 3. n. woman [general, used on washroom doors].

warna n. colour [{US=color}].

warung n. food stall

wayang n. puppet

wilayah n. district [area].

wisata n. tour

wol n. wool

wortel n. carrot



ya adv yes

yakin adj certain [sure].

yang pron that [{used to join a subject or object to a verb} (I found the book ~ I was looking for.)].

yang lain (lain) adj [(Saya mau sebuah kamar ~.)] another [a different one (I want a ~ room.)].

yang mana (mana) adv/pron which [{asking a question} what person; what thing (~ do you like better, coffee or tea.)].

yang satu itu (itu) pron that [(~ is the woman I told you about.)].


zirafah n. giraffe

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