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Candi is the Indonesian word for temple, the pronunciation of which is like that of "chancy" with "a" pronounced as in "father". It indicates the numerous stone monuments from Indonesia's classical period, and some remains are still intact today, particularly in Java, Sumatra and Bali. The Hindu monuments in Indonesia were built by some rulers during their own life-time or by their descendants to perpetuate their memory. Some statues of Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, Agastya, Dhurga and other godheads in the Hindu panthers in the candies are, in fact, also representations, perhaps even portraits, of former deified kings, portraying the bodies of the godheads but using the faces of rulers. In some cases the historical identity of the ruler is given in inspection about the dedication of the candi in question. Different from the other houses of worship, the Buddhist sanctuaries were built as an act of faith and in order to obtain merit. Buddhist inscription on the monuments of Central Java are that of the Mahayana Buddhism. The great Buddhist effigies of Java are all connected with the names of Shailendra kings. The Indonesian government has been giving appropriate attention to the preservation and conservation of historical and ancient buildings. Restoration and conservation work of the Borobudur Temple, renovation of Kedaton Temple located in former Majapahit Trowulan and Kaibon Palace Inrated in Did Ranten.

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