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The six Mudra of the Buddha's of Borobudur

Vitarkamudra - deliberation

depicted by raising the right hand above the right knee with the palm forward and the tip of the forefinger touching that of the thumb. The Dhyani Buddha in question is the Buddha of all directions.

Varamudra - charity

The right hand is turned upwards and out fingers down and resting on the right knee. The Dhyani Buddha is Ratnasambhava, the Buddha of the South.

BbumisParcamudra - calling the earth to witness

The right hand touches the earth, resting on the right knee with the fingers pointing downwards. it symbolizes Buddha's request to the Goddess of Earth to witness his right conduct while refuting Mara's impeachments. This mudra is peculiar to the Dhyani Buddha Aksobhya who resides in this seat.

Abbayamudra - dispelling fear

The right hand is lifted above the right thigh with the palm facing forward. This mudra denotes the Dhyani Buddha Amoghasiddhi, the Buddha of the Northern Quarter.

Dhyanamudra - meditation

Both hands are opened and zest on the lap with the right hand'above the left one and the thumbs touching each other. This mudra is ascribed to Amitabha, the Dhyani Buddha of the West.

Dharmacakramudra - turning of the wheel of the Law

symbolizes the first sermon at Benares. Both hands are held before-the breast, the left hand below the right, and turned upwards with the ring finger touching the thumb while the ring finger of the right hand touches the little finger of the left. This hand position suggests the turning of a wheel, and is attributed to Vairocana, the Dhyani Buddha of the Zenith.

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