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Bajang Ratu

Long ago, when the queen of King Brawijaya V from Majapahit still bore her child, the king ordered the building of a gateway as an entrance to the residence of the future crowned prince. The Queen, Dewi Arimbi, was actually a giant princess from the land of Alengka. When she almost gave birth to her child, the princess' secret was discovered by the king. Feeling shame, Dewi Arimbi left the castle to go to Damarwulan forest in Kencong, Kediri. Here the son of Dewi Arimbi was born, and his name was Aryo Damar. The construction of the gateway was stopped. On the left and right side of the gateway were carved a relief of a giant, as if it was the picture of Dewi Arimbi. Because of the unfinished construction, until today the gateway has been known as Bajangratu. This story still has a place in people's mind, and they still believe that it is a taboo for government officials to enter this gateway because it can bring bad luck.
True or not, just try it! 

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