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The Currency of Indonesia is the Rupiah. The largest denomination is Rp 100,000.

You always should have some small notes or coins because in most parts of Indonesia they don't always have change for your 10,000 or 50,000rp note. Changing money is not too difficult. In all big cities banks can be found where you can change almost all currencies. The best travelers cheque to take are the American Express. In many tourist areas you can also find money changers. It is worth to look around first what to get for your money because the rates can vary. If you need to change large amounts of money ask first if it is possible. Some banks or money changers do not have enough cash to pay you. Credit cards are not yet wide accepted. You can use them in the big hotels, some rent cars and exclusive restaurants in the cities. Always keep your exchange receipts so that you can exchange your rupiah for foreign currencies upon leaving the country. The U.S. dollar is the most readily accepted currency.

Banks are usually open Mon-Fri 08:00-14:00 and Sat 08:00-12:00.

Money changer are generally open for longer hours. Due to Indonesia's unstable economy the exchange rates can vary greatly depending on current events.

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Bank notes

Rp 100,000 seratus ribu rupiah

Rp 50,000 lima puluh ribu rupiah

Rp 20,000 dua puluh ribu rupiah

20000 Rupiah Note

Rp 10,000 sepuluh ribu rupiah

Rp 5,000 lima ribu rupiah

Rp 1,000 seribu rupiah

Rp 500 lima ratus rupiah

Rp 100 seratus rupiah


Rp 1,000 seribu rupiah
Rp 500 lima ratus rupiah
Rp 100 seratus rupiah
Rp 50 lima puluh rupiah
Rp 25 dua puluh lima rupiah

The images found on this page are intended for general information purposes only; they are not legal tender. Any use of these images to produce counterfeit currency is illegal and punishable by law.

The new currency in Europe - Euro

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