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Danger and Theft

Theft in Indonesia is still small but the tendency is on the rise. Foreign tourist are sometimes a great object with lots of cash in their pockets, and this most often happens in touristy places. The economic crisis hasn't help the situation. That's why it is recommended to take traveler cheques instead of cash money. The best places to take your valuables are money belts or pouches with a strap looped around your neck. It is a good idea to have some small money (U$100 or as much as a ticket to Jakarta will cost from the furthest place you go) left, in a secret pocket in you backpack for example, together with a set of copies of your other valuables. When your ticket is stolen you can go, with the copy you made, to an office of the airline company and report that your ticket is lost. You mostly have to pay some money to get a refund. The worst which can happen is when you loose your passport. Also report this to the police and ask for the letter of reported theft/loss because you need this letter on the embassy or consulate. Then you have to go to the embassy or consulate of your country which is mostly located in Jakarta (find out the addresses before you go to Indonesia) where you will get a replacement. Another danger in drugs. Aceh province in the Northeast province of Sumatra grows some 80% of Indonesia’s Marijuana. Drugs is strictly forbidden in Indonesia and at the moment the police appears against drug very strict. If you are caught you can count on 20 years of prison, and the prisons in Indonesia are not what they are in the west so you are warned. 

Other dangers come from mother nature. Snakes, insects and crocodiles can be a danger to you. You cannot take any risk with snakes. There are several poisonous snakes in Indonesia from which the cobra (ular sendok) is the most famous. Sea and water snakes are all poisonous and you can recognize them by their flat tail. If you are eye to eye with a snake there is only one solution, do NOT move. If you are bitten the best is to stay calm and bind a towel around the nearest limb which will slow down the poison. Never close a whole body part with a strap because this will stop also the blood circulation. Then the best is to kill the snake or at least try to remember how it looked like so a doctor will be able to give you the right antivenin. Note that only 3% of the people bitten by a snake die of it and snakebites are rare. Wasps and bees are more dangerous to human then snakes because they are more aggressive. Wasp or bee stings can kill people, especially people who are allergic to wasp or bee stings have to take care and it is recommended to put some antihistamine and epinephrine into your first aid kit. Normally wasps and bees will not attack people as long as they are not stirred up. But if they attack the best you can do is run like hell. Crocodiles (buaya) only live in the swampy jungles in Sumatra or Irian Jaya but are very rare and as long as you do not disturb one you do not have to be afraid. Their are every year one or two cases of people who were attacked by a crocodile but mostly it is their own fault. If you are swimming in the swampy waters you can ask for trouble.

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