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Emergency Numbers

Police: 110
Fire: 113
Ambulance: 118
International Access: 01
Country Code: 62 
City Codes:
Banda Aceh: 0651
Bandar Lampung: 0721
Denpasar: 0361
Jakarta: 021
Kendari: 0401
Kupang: 0391
Medan: 061
Padang: 0751
Prapat: 0625
Semarang: 024
Surabaya: 031
Ujung Pandang: 0411
Yogyakarta: 0274

When calling a number from within the same city, omit the city code. When calling to another city within Indonesia, use the entire city code. When calling from outside Indonesia, omit the first digit (0) from the city code.

The archipelago is divided into five zones, and calls are priced according to zone. If you do a lot of calling, an Indonesian telephone card, or kartu telpon (Kartu Telpon Dijual Disini) can be bought in supermarkets as well as in many hotels. These are very convenient cards and can be used all over Indonesia at card telephones like in hotels, train stations and airports. 

International Direct Dialing (IDD) you could do it from your hotel room or one of many Wartel. Dial the country code (U.S. 01, Australia 61, Germany 49 etc.), area code and the local number. Charges are according to the country zone you dial. 

For AT&T service on a call to the U.S.A. dial first the access code 0080110, give your telephone credit card number and the telephone number you want. 

Collect (reverse-charge) calls are at the moment only between Indonesia and Europe, America, and Australia accepted.

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