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Film Photo and Video

Indonesia is a real photogenic country with lots of different cultures and people. You can shoot photographs here the whole day long and because film and developing is not expensive it is worth taking a lot of pictures. When you have to take film or videotapes to the airport beware of the X-ray equipment. Ask the officials if the can inspect your bag with the film or tapes apart because X-rays can damage the film although we never heard of any problems about it. Color film is cheaper than in Europe, Australia or North America and is widely available. Please make sure that because of the humid climate the films has been stored in an air-conditioned environment. The most popular 35mm brand is Fuji, in a full range of ASA/DIN ratings. If you want to photograph the local people then you have to do it in a discrete way because some people are shy or don't want to be put on film, so always ask the people. Some people want to be paid for taken a photograph of them. Especially in Nias island the people expect to be paid after you took a picture. But most people don't mind if you take a photo especially younger people.

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