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Post Telecom

Postal services (kantor pos) can be found everywhere in Indonesia. It is not to difficult to send the regular mail from Indonesia which can be done by air mail or by sea mail. By sea mail you can send up to 10 kg. When sending letters or postcard it is also possible to send them by express mail (kilat) or as registered mail (surat tercatat) although you mostly have to show what you send when you want to register it so it is wise not to close your post yet. Depending on the place where you post your mail it can take from 4 days up to 2 weeks before your post arrives in Europe or America.

Telkom, the government-run telecommunication company, has offices in most cities and towns. For the International Direct Dialing (IDD) dial 001 or 008, the country code, area code (minus the initial zero if it has one) and the number you want to reach.

Two companies provide international connections, 001 for Indosat and 008 for Satelindo. Public phones rarely support these facilities and you have to go to the Telkom Office or Wartel (Warung Telekomunikasi. They are invariably open 24 hours and often offer fax services as well as telephone and telex. These are the cheapest places to make international and long-distance phone calls, and the place to make collect calls.

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