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Indonesia Standard Time

As of January 1, 1988, Indonesia's three time zones have been changed as below: 

1. WIB (Waktu Indonesia bagian Barat) - Western Indonesia Standard Time equals GMT plus 7 hours (meridian 105°E), 
covering all provinces in Sumatra and Java. the provinces of West and Central Kalimantan. 

2. WITA (Waktu Indonesia bagian Tengah) Central Indonesia Standard Time equals GMT plus 8 hours (meridian 120°E), 
covering the provinces of East and South Kalimantan, all provinces in Sulawesi, and the provinces of West 
and East Nusa Tenggara and East Timor.

3. WIT (Waktu Indonesia bagian Timur) Eastern Indonesia Standard Time equals GMT plus 9 hours (meridian 135°E), 
covering the provinces of Maluku and Irian Jaya.

Legality of the abbreviated time zones:
The acronym and term of WIB, WITA and WIT is based on The Decision of the President of the Republik Indonesia number 41, in 1987 (Keputusan Presiden (KEPPRES) Republik Indonesia nomer 41, tahun 1987).

Eniwetok (GMT-12) 
Hawaii (GMT-10) 
Pacific Time (GMT-8) 
Central Time (GMT-6) 
Atlantic Time (GMT-4) 
Mid-Atlantic (GMT-2) 
Moscow (GMT +3) 
New Delhi (GMT +5) 
Dhakar (GMT +6) 
Sydney (GMT +10) 
Samoa (GMT-11) 
Alaska (GMT-9) 
Mountain Time (GMT-7) 
Eastern Time (GMT-5) 
Brasilia (GMT-3) 
Azores (GMT-1) 
Israel (GMT +2) 
Baku (GMT +4) 
Magadan (GMT +11) 
Wellington (GMT +12) 
Local Time 
Munich (GMT +1) 
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 
West Indonesia 
Standard Time (GMT +7)
Central Indonesia 
Standard Time (GMT +8)
Eastern Indonesia 
Standard Time (GMT +9)
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