How Did Ada Wong Survive Re2 Reddit

How Did Ada Survive The Fall In Re 2?

Ada didnt have a grappling gun at that time. She fell on a zombie with a massive arse that cushioned the fall.

Did Ada Get The G Virus?

Ada Steals the G-Virus From The Forgotten Soldier – Ghost Survivors – Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Who Threw Leon The Rocket Launcher?

Ada throws a rocket launcher.

What Happened To Ada Wong After The Fall?

Wong rushed to her body to pay respects but found she was still alive having infected herself with the Enhanced C-Virus after her fall.

Is Leon In Love With Ada?

Second Love – Ada is Leons second love after he broke up with his previous unnamed girlfriend. Shipper on Deck – In Resident Evil 6 Helena makes it clear that she knows there is something between Leon and Ada.

Is Ada Still Alive Re2?

But she doesnt die. She later reappears when Leon is fighting Mr. X in the underground lab and secretly throws him a rocket launcher to help him in his fight. She says that theyre even now before heading off somewhere.

Who Is Immune To The T-Virus?

7/8 A Bunch Of People Are Immune To The T-Virus One of the few positives of the T-Virus is that it cant infect everyone. Around 10% of the population are naturally immune to the virus. The cruel geniuses at Umbrella however found a workaround by creating Hunters to kill any survivors.

Who Created The T Veronica Virus?

The t-Veronica was a type of t-Virus created by Alexia Ashford in the early 1980s.

Is There A Cure For The T-Virus?

8/10 The Virus Is Treatable Since the T-Virus is meant to be a bioweapon an effective vaccine automatically renders it useless as its function as a deterrent. In a way it would be like trying to sell Polio bullets to the army — its pointless because a known cure exists against it.

Why Did Ada Want The G Virus?

She asks Leon to secure a sample of the G-virus so that she as an FBI agent can prevent what happened to Raccoon City from ever happening again.

Does Ada Betray Leon?

Ada Betrays Leon Cutscene Resident Evil 2 Remake vs Resident Evil 2 (RE2 2019 vs RE2 1998) – YouTube.

Does Ada Work For Wesker?

Instead Ada was all along working against Wesker bringing the sample back to her employers at the organization instead. A Resident Evil 4 remake may shed more light on Adas mysterious employer and her personal reasons for saving Leon time and time again.

Who Does Leon Kennedy Marry?

Leon S. KennedyRelationship:MarriedSpouse(s):Claire RedfieldStatus:AliveWeapons:Heckler & Koch VP70 Beretta 92F Custom Samurai Edge AKMSU

Who Does Leon S Kennedy Love?

10/15 Leon Has Strong Feelings For Ada Wong Leon S. Kennedy maintains an uncanny relationship with Ada Wong throughout the series. For him to look the other way on Ada Wongs illegal acts shows that Leon S. Kennedy must have some pretty strong feelings for her.

Is Ada Good Or Evil?

Type of Villain Kennedy in Resident Evil 2. Ada Wong also known as The Mysterious Girl is the main anti-heroine/villainess of the Resident Evil video game series. A notorious mercenary and corporate spy with a mysterious background Ada has been involved in many biohazard events dating back to the 1990s.

How Did Leon Know Ada Was Alive?

he tells her in RE4 that she is working for Wesker. Presumably his position in the government got Intel on a woman in red reporting to Wesker who Leon would have heard about from Chris and Claire after CV. Then seeing her in Spain confirmed it.

Does Claire Have A Crush On Leon?

Claire Claire you okay I cant stay here its not safe hey Claire Leon Ill be right there.

How Many Endings Does Resident Evil 2 Have?

For the rest of us there are four Resident Evil 2 endings in the remake thanks to the games 2nd Run campaign which gives you control of the character you didnt initially playthrough as after Claire and Leon meet on either side of the Courtyard fence.

What Is Ada WongS Goal?

Resident Evil 4 Still working for this alleged rival company and reporting to Wesker Adas task is to find Dr. Luis Sera. Ada saves Leons life multiple times while searching for the Dominant Species Plaga all the while making it clear to Wesker that she does things her way.

Does Leon Meet Sherry?

Leon and Sherry are first introduced in Resident Evil 2 when Sherry is 12 and Leon is 21 years old.

Where Is Claire Redfield After Re2?

Claire still searching for her brother is playable for the bulk of Resident Evil – Code: Veronica (2000) set three months after the events of Resident Evil 2. After an unsuccessful infiltration of Umbrellas medical branch in Paris Claire finds herself imprisoned on Umbrella-owned Rockfort Island.

How Is Leon Not Infected?

Lorewise they never get bitten. If I recall correctly its stated in one of the Resident Evil games that the herbs (green blue and red) have properties that counteract the virus.

Why Did Umbrella Create T-Virus?

Initially developed by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals in the late 1960s the primary goal of the t-Virus Project was to effectively eliminate the need for a large-scale conventional army and generate revenue to go to their eugenics program the Wesker Project.

Why Does Albert Wesker Inject Himself?

As a clone Albert underwent rapid aging progressing from age 0 to 20 in less than six months. That sort of rapid cell growth causes all sorts of nasty problems and complications including cancer and tons of other things. Albert gets sick and weak from time to time and thats when he injects himself with the blood.

What Does G Virus Stand For?

The Golgotha Virus abbreviated as G-Virus is a retrovirus in the Progenitor family of viruses. Golgotha was developed by Umbrella USA as a bioweapon to rival and surpass Tyrant Virus (t-Virus).

What Virus Does Albert Wesker Have?

With the Uroboros Virus Wesker would have a new organ on his chest and his upper body would become wrapped in various tentacles. Thanks to these viruses Wesker would receive advanced genetics that made him more superior than most humans.

What Virus Is In Re Revelations?

The t-Phobos Virus is a retrovirus descended from Progenitor Virus developed with the purpose of creating a superhuman with no negative side-effects.

Why Is Alice Immune To The T-Virus?

In Resident Evil: Afterlife Alices superhuman abilities have been taken away by Albert Wesker who injected her with a serum that disabled her T-virus cells; however at the end of Resident Evil: Retribution Wesker injects her with the T-virus and restores her powers saying that Alice and her powers are the last …

How Are Lickers Created?

Lickers are the result of a mutation caused by the progression of the T-Virus infection in a zombified human hosts body. They were named by Raccoon City Police Department personnel for their peculiarly long tongues.

Why Are They Called Zeros In Resident Evil?

And the “Zeroes” initially appear to be like any other TV version of a zombie i.e. no brain activity mindless eats people.

Is Ada Wong A Villain?

Ada Wong also known as The Mysterious Girl is the main anti-heroine/villainess of the Resident Evil video game series. A notorious mercenary and corporate spy with a mysterious background Ada has been involved in many biohazard events dating back to the 1990s.

What Nationality Is Ada Wong?

Ada Wong is a striking Asian-American woman of Chinese descent sporting a sleek figure and graceful mannerisms. She fits the archetype of the stylish and beautiful assassin or femme fatale. For the most part Adas physical appearance has not changed much over the course of the series.

What Is The Melange Resident Evil?

The Melange (French for mixed or mixture) was a massive creature created by Dania Cardoza using the combined biomass of the army of Kipepeo Undead and Uber Lickers among other mutants. Its sole purpose was to destroy Albert Wesker and the resistance in Washington D.C.

What Is The Resident Evil Timeline?

The short answer? The Resident Evil TV series covers two timelines: one in 2022 and one in 2036. It takes place after all the games including Resident Evil: Village. This is with the exception of a single cutscene in Village which takes place in 2037.

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