Unlocking Global Opportunities: MasterCard’s Fully-Funded Scholarship Programs Empowering African Students for Academic Excellence

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance at the University of California. The 2023 MasterCard Fully Funded Scholarship Program is a broad effort with a primary focus on assisting academically driven individuals from Africa. This is a one-of-a-kind chance to cash in on the rising popularity of digital marketing through the use of widely-searched terms like “scholarship,” “MasterCard,” “fully-funded,” and “African students.”

Boosting African Students’ Performance

Between 2020 and 2028, this life-altering scholarship initiative will help students from Sub-Saharan Africa grow in all aspects of their being. It’s a savior in more ways than one, helping with schooling and social life as well as professional prospects. Students who get the MasterCard scholarship will have access to an array of resources designed to help them excel in their studies.

For ambitious African students interested in bolstering their credentials with a Master’s degree, the MasterCard scholarship program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This educational lottery is open to all countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the application period is from November 2022 to January 2023 (depending on the individual program).

Accessibility and Curriculum Options

The MasterCard scholarship at the University of California is open to students from Africa, and it covers a wide variety of subjects. Among these are, by no means are they limited to:

  • Master of Architecture Degree
  • Fine Arts Master’s Degree
  • A Master’s in Business Administration.
  • Metropolitan Community Planning (MCP)
  • Micro-Development Practice
  • Education (Ph.D., MAT, M.A.)
  • Energy & Materials Group (ERG)
  • M.Eng., MS. degrees in engineering
  • Graduate degrees in engineering with a wide range of specializations (M.Eng)
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering Master of Science (MS)
  • Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science
  • A Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • An M.DevEng is a graduate degree in development engineering.
  • M.Des., or Master of Design.
  • Tradition (Master of Arts) in Folklore
  • Journalism (MJ)
  • MIMS stands for “Information Management and System.
  • Master of Public Health (MPH) Programs in a Variety of Specializations
  • Environmental Health Science and Epidemiology Master of Science (MS)
  • Biostatistics Master’s Degree (MA)
  • Modified Public Policy
  • The Master of Social Work
  • Only the Traditional and Thesis Tracks are Available for LL.M. Degrees


Scholarship Programs All Over the World Backed by MasterCard

The charitable arm of MasterCard currently provides fully paid scholarships to several prestigious universities throughout the world, expanding the horizons of many students. These colleges and institutions are beacons of higher education and include:

Arizona State University

Known for its dedication¬† to academic quality and innovation, has joined forces with the Mastercard Foundation to create a life-altering scholarship program for students hailing from countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Arizona State University MasterCard Scholarship is a part of the Mastercard Foundation’s larger international scholarship program.

From 2012-2022, ASU will host 270 scholars in the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. Each award will provide full funding for four years, including all related educational and living expenses. Students from low-income African countries with a demonstrated commitment to community service are the intended recipients of these awards.

The Arizona State University MasterCard Scholarship is applicable to several different degree programs at ASU. The STEM fields, as well as business, economics, and the social sciences, are prioritized because of the positive impact they can have on society.

Sciences Po University

Sciences Po university

Paris’s prestigious Sciences Po University has joined up with the Mastercard Foundation to offer an outstanding scholarship opportunity to promising young minds in Sub-Saharan Africa. Included in the Mastercard Foundation’s Scholars Program is the Sciences Po Mastercard Foundation Scholarship.

To help shape the future generation of African leaders, the Sciences Po Mastercard Foundation Scholarship supports a rigorous academic curriculum at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The scholarship will pay for the student’s entire tuition, living expenses, and a wide range of programs aimed at improving their education and potential for leadership.

University of Edinburgh

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is made possible by the generous support of Mastercard and the world-renowned University of Edinburgh. Economically deprived and socially dedicated young Africans who face major challenges to receiving decent education are the initiative’s primary focus.

Undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Edinburgh can apply for full funding through the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program. All of your travel to and from Edinburgh, as well as housing and all of your living expenses, are paid for by this program.

University of Toronto

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is offered by the University of Toronto, a world-renowned institution of higher education and research. This groundbreaking program makes it possible for bright but impoverished young Africans to receive a top-notch education at a prestigious university.

The Scholarship Opportunity

There is a fully funded scholarship option for undergraduate study at the University of Toronto through the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program. The full cost of the scholar’s undergraduate education, including tuition, books, transportation to and from Toronto, lodging, food, and health insurance, will be covered by the scholarship.

Baobab Digital Innovation Scholarship

Individuals from African countries who have finished their four-year undergraduate degree are eligible to apply for the Baobab Digital Innovation Scholarship. The fully-funded Master’s degree program that this scholarship supports will provide recipients with the tools they’ll need to thrive in today’s rapidly developing technological landscape.

This scholarship is part of the second phase of a grant from the Mastercard Foundation to Arizona State University. The program will provide full financial aid for 25 promising young African professionals, including their education, travel, and living expenses. The fellowship also includes a two-month internship with the Baobab Platform, an innovative online learning community of more than 70,000 young African leaders, to further the platform’s goals.


In a word, the MasterCard fully financed scholarship programs provide African students with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to study at prestigious universities throughout the world. This one-of-a-kind opportunity can be maximized by employing a variety of digital marketing tactics, such as smart keyword usage. If we can get the word out about programs like this through online mediums, we can help students with bright futures get the education they need to make a difference in their communities and the economy of Sub-Saharan Africa.