Commencing the pursuit of higher education can elicit both enthusiasm and trepidation, particularly when contemplating the financial implications of obtaining a degree. Nevertheless, the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) is providing a promising opportunity for prospective undergraduate students with its esteemed scholarship program for the year 2024. This scholarship aims to lessen students’ financial hardships while also giving them a fantastic opportunity to study at one of the top universities in the world.

USTC: An Exemplar of Academic Excellence:

USTC, often known as the University of Science and Technology of China, has continually maintained a prominent position in global academic rankings. USTC is widely recognized for its advanced research, modern facilities, and dedication to promoting innovation. It is considered a prestigious academic institution located in the center of China. The scholarship program exemplifies the university’s commitment to fostering talent and advancing diversity within its student population.

Criteria for eligibility:

The USTC Scholarship Program for Undergraduate Students 2024 welcomes applications from overseas candidates who satisfy specific requirements. Prospective students must exhibit exceptional academic performance, a deep enthusiasm for their chosen area of study, and a firm dedication to enriching the university’s dynamic academic environment. Mastery in either English or Chinese, depending on the curriculum of choice, is also a crucial criterion in the selection procedure.


The USTC Scholarship Program offers several benefits. 

  • Level A, which receives financial support from USTC, offers a tuition waiver, comprehensive medical insurance, a monthly stipend of 2,500 RMB, and an accommodation subsidy. 
  • Level B, also financed by USTC, only contains a tuition waiver.

Application Deadline

March 31, 2024

Procedure for Applying:


  • Prospective candidates must create an account on the USTC Application System and designate their desired fellowship for application.
  • Applicants can either apply for one level or two levels at the same time.
  • USTC will decide which level of fellowship may be given based on the comprehensive elevation of the applicant. There is only one scholarship available for each applicant.

In conclusion:

The USTC Scholarship Program for Undergraduate Students 2024 offers access to a top-tier education, exceptional research prospects, and a thriving international community. Prospective students who take advantage of this offer will not only receive financial assistance but will also join a renowned university committed to advancing the frontiers of knowledge and nurturing future leaders and innovators. The path to intellectual and personal development commences with a solitary application: seize the opportunity and open the pathways to a more promising future at USTC.

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